What if no one reads it?
What if no one likes it?
What if I start and don’t finish?

What if?


What do I have to say that someone hasn’t said before?


But I have to think, as each fingerprint is different, so are how my words fit together, how I navigate through each step of this journey called life, what I feel, and how I see.


I have to ask… What if the words that flow from my heart are my gifts to give, and I stay mute? What if this part of what I am supposed to contribute to my world, and I hold back? What if God wants to use my life lived-out-loud to bring encouragement to others, and I keep silent? What if my struggles and what I have learned through them will help someone through theirs, and I keep them hidden? What if the grace I have received is not intended to keep for myself, and I don’t share?

I do not want to wait to find out the answers when I stand before Him on “That Day”.

I cannot predict the manner in which God uses my life, or how many other lives He will touch through mine, but I cannot let fear hold me back.

If I do not try, I’ve failed already. The same is true for all of us.

I hope this blog will be great, not because of the number of followers, readers or comments, but because God receives it as an offering to Him, as a living sacrifice of worship. As I go against my nature, become vulnerable and exposed, sharing from my heart, my life, my challenges and struggles, my difficulties and failures, my successes and victories, my blessings and gifts, and let you see what is most precious to me, which is my family, I have to wonder…

What if God will take it to the ends of the world, and use it…for His glory?