I Wonder…

I wonder, as I peer through the viewfinder and focus on her to capture the moment she gazes into the vastness of the ocean, if she knows that her potential in God is as limitless… I will be sure she knows.


I meditate on the goodness of God, as I reflect on how blessed I am and how blessed she is to be part of a family that serves the Lord. I am introspective.  I think about the fears and insecurities I have overcome, that a little girl should never have to worry about.  I know this baby girl will not have to endure the same.  She is in a home where she is covered, first by the Blood of the Lamb and then by her daddy.  She is unaware this is what I am contemplating on, as she gazes into the beauty of this horizon God has painted for us.

Fearlessly, she runs to the man whose hand is outstretched to receive hers. She has no reason to be afraid, even though she gazes at the world that I know to be so formidable. She will face the reality soon enough, and when she does she will be well equipped, standing in grace, sword in one hand, shield in the other, and the glory of the Lord as her rear guard. Today, all she knows is her world is a safe place, a place of discovery, a place where love abounds.  She has the protection of her earthly father, whose hand not only holds the sword and shield for her but whose hand wraps hers, and she has Father God, Whose Spirit envelopes her and Whose angels guard.  She is secure and she is free.



I wonder if he knows what I am pondering as he embraces her hand. I wonder if he knows that I welled up with gratitude and my eyes are brimming with tears.  He took the day off of work to be with us, our family, today.  I wonder if he knows how truly thankful I am for the gift of these memories we have made with our children. I wonder if he realizes the incredible honor I feel to be sitting here, able to witness and immerse myself in this great moment I breathe in deeply. I wonder if he knows, in this present reality, Healing comes in His wings and wipes away the residual pain from my past as I am observing the grace and love of God made manifest… father and daughter.



I wonder if he knows his love brings healing…

I will tell him and be sure.