For the grace I need to live a LIFE of gratitude and thanksgiving, never ceasing to count an infinite number of extravagant blessings from the One Who provides all. 


1. For a Word that sustains.

2. For a Spirit Who comforts.

3. For a Father God Who loves.

4. For a Lord that sacrificed.

5. For time to pen my struggles and share how Christ brings victory so that others will know they are not the only ones and hope is in Him.

6. For time to pour out my heart to my Lord.

7. For worship music that that plays in my ears, while quiet for everyone else asleep, as I refocus my mind and heart on Him.  

8. For health.

9. For provision.

10. For those who sacrificed everything to travel to a land uncertain and war in order to live freely and helped pave the way for me to also.

11. For a Holy Presence that reminds me to breathe in the moment for it passes all too quickly.

12. For the Bible and books I read on my iPhone when I could not see pages on paper in the dark of night, which contain the words that encourage, stir my heart to know God more, impassion me to love, show me the way and empower me to be a better wife, mama and child who loves God.

13. For a husband that cherishes and children that give me grace.

14. For a mama who does my dishes while I am gone and snuggles tight with baby while I teach.

15. For friends who love me and my family as if we were family.

16. For leaders that are willing to pour out of themselves, labor, and intercede in order to help equip the Body for service.

17. For a husband who writes heartfelt love notes and faith filled prayers on my bathroom mirror for me to see when I wake.

18. For the last load out of the dryer.

19. For a husband who surprises me with a cup of hot cocoa after a tiresome day made from scratch, with love and a secret I have not discovered.

20. For our eldest daughter who draws from a well so deep and evidence of her devotion to Christ is in how she lives her life and stays true to herself.

21. For our second daughter with deep-seeded determination and a diligent walk who surprises us with lovely thoughtful consideration.

22. For our only son whose heart is tender and true and full of mercy.

23. For a baby girl who was created to fit perfectly with us and fill our hearts with joy.

24. For promise fulfilled in seed to the sower and rebuke to the devourer as we do not hold back His tithe and offerings.

25. For a husband and father to our children who labors long and carries burdens heavy to take care of us, yet believes the best gift he can give us is leading us closer to Christ.

26. For walking into a room and feeling the warmth of love knowing they are genuinely happy to see me.

27. For a God Who sees my past, present and future, yet will never give up on me, and Whose love nothing can separate.

28. For those who forgive and accept me even while being acquainted with my faults.

29. For a husband who rescues when I have lost my way and fallen into a dark place, whose hand that reaches cannot be distinguished between his and Jesus’ as he loves as me as Christ loves.

30. For a God who draws near when I do and even when when I do not because He cannot deny Himself as Faithful, even when I am not.