Everyday Mama…

I still yell at my kids. Yup! I do. I feel awful about it when I do. I ask for forgiveness, usually right away, from the one or the ones who received the brunt of my frustration, but it would be better if I didn’t yell.

Everyday, I try to live in the moment, remembering how fleeting they are, and not let the little things bother me. Usually, I endeavor in my own strength and fail miserably.

So, everyday, I have to remember Whom I am to rest in and rely on.

Everyday, I try to overlook the mess, even though when I see the mess on the outside, I feel the mess on the inside.  Only a perfectionist would know what that feels like, and I am a…

“Recovering Perfectionist“.

Everyday, I try and let go of the mistakes, mishaps, and messes the kids make and remind myself,

They are just kids. I have 1, 2 and 3 decades on each of the them,  

It’s taken me this long to get this far, and I have so much farther to go.”


The saddest thing for my child would be

for me to forget what is was like to be one.


Everyday, I fail, and I fall, and I get up again. Sometimes I have to make myself get up. I’ve tried to disqualify myself more than once. I didn’t qualify myself for this race and I cannot be the one to disqualify myself.

Everyday, I must run this race with endurance, letting go of what lies behind, taking off all the weights that hold me back and untangle myself from the things that bind me. So, I can live for what is most important. The idea of what that is, I get from Jesus Himself.

Everyday, intently I listen to hear the Words over the noise that resounds everyday, and hear the Words louder than the mistakes, mishaps and messes. These Words, from the One I live to please…


The greatest commands I give you…

“Love God first,

with every ounce of who you are,

with every fiber of your being.

And love others as you would like to be loved.”


My New Year’s resolution can be reduced to those two imperatives. Everyday, I resolve to live them.

So, as I shake my head and wonder “How can I be better at this?“…I just have to remember,


GRACE and MERCY are new…every morning …

for this EVERYDAY wife and mama.



  • http://debsonelife.blogspot.com Debbie

    So thankful that God’s mercies are new every morning…and everyday is an opportunity to learn more about him and share him with others.

    • Michele

      Yes… I would have given up on myself along time ago.. I am thankful He will never give up on me, on us!