Everything Good Gift Comes From HIM…

I was embarrisingly cranky this week. Toddler was pin-cushion fussy. The kind of fussy that I feel like I am the pin-cushion, and she is the pin. My boy was sick all week. Husband was out of town. I found myself telling my eldest, “I do not know how to parent her,” speaking of my pre-teen determined one. More than once I wanted to text, call, or Facebook husband, pleading…


Saturday, Husband was home. I requested a gift. “May I run a few errands without the kiddos?”

A trip to the post office, was detoured by a few delightful garage sales. Do you know what I bought? More books. Yes! Followed by a trip to the library. Yes, for more books. My venture concluded with a wonderful trip to Hobby Lobby. Even though I walked in and was completely overwhelmed and my senses overstimulated, I left with exactly what I needed for a few projects I have been working on.


However, Hobby Lobby was not the highlight of my excursion. My week left me wanting for some quiet time with God, but He felt so far. I am sure my crankiness had something to do with that. But as I am driving to all of these places, I am alone, but I am not alone. I breathe in like I just inhaled LIFE. I am moved to tears, and I say aloud, “You’re STILL near.” I weep and I pray. I wonder what the people in the car next to me are thinking. I wonder if they know Him, like I know Him.


A few times that day, maybe each time I re-entered the car, I felt waves of His Presence breaking over me, refreshing me, rejuvenating me, reviving me. I remember again, the importance of pulling away from the preoccupation of the cares of this world, and drawing near to the One Who graciously draws near even when I don’t.


Today and everyday, I count my love gifts from Him.


I am thankful for…


96. “1000 Gifts” app on my iPhone

that helps me count

His unending love gifts.

97. Husband taking brood out for the evening so I can steal away hours to write.

98. having my passion fueled by inspiration to continue living my dreams.

99. writing journaling, inscribing, penning, chronicling.

100. God breathed friendships. Even though we don’t see each other as much as we’d like, our hearts are knitted together.

101. toddler baby girl who keeps our homeschooling days colorful.



102. Grandma who puts

colorful toddler baby girl

to sleep for us.


103. Husband, who is also a son who lost his mama, finding joy in now owning so many things she loved.

104. Seeing Papa’s love and strength, understanding where Husband learned how to care for us so well.

105. Polaris rides on our quiet country road while Son drives me.



106. Peaceful evenings with my little man doing what he loves…building fires.


107. a leader’s whose love is so genuine and support so empowering.

108. Him leading me beside still quiet waters, on our own homestead.

109. Husband home with brood so I can run some errands,


110. and finding out, He is STILL near.


Only by GRACE…


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  • http://positivelyalene.blogspot.com/ Positively Alene

    What an incredible hubby you have to give you time by yourself. That is truly a gift. Hopped over from Ann’s. Love your bloggy world here. Blessings.

    • Michele


      Thank you for your reminder… as I so often take my husband for granted. He is a gift. Thank you for stopping by. I will be clicking on positivelyalene.blogspot.com/ for a visit today :)

      Blessing to you, with love,


  • http://amylsullivan.blogspot.com/ Amy Sullivan

    Eeeek! I am loving your place. How is it I’ve never been here before? Excited to bounce around a bit.

    Clicked over from Ann’s.

    • Michele


      Haha… your comment gave me joy! It’s so nice to meet you. I have been thinking the passed 2 days, I never thought about the blessing of being connected with like-hearted and like-minded precious woman, when I started blogging (which was only a few months ago.. I am a newbie :) But it is something I look forward to this new year! Thank you for clicking by and even taking the time to comment… I am going to take a look at your blog as soon as I get a chance.

      With love,


  • http://facebook melinda morales

    That is awesome Michele. I love reading all that you right. You are very inspiring. What a blessed wife, mother, and woman you are. I am truly glad that I know you and also that I am able to read about the journeys life has for you and your family. May God continue to bless you always more and more. <3

    • Michele


      Thank you, thank you. You too, are an inspiration to me…how you love your family…how you love your God. Thank you for your words that bless me and thank you for your blessings.

      May you always walk in His grace as you answer the high calling of wife and mama…

      Love you,