Still Counting…

As I walk out my days crumbs get caught between my desperately in-need-of-a-pedicure toes. My very thin hair, still growing back from losing after baby number 4, unwashed going on 5 days, is still in a bun that my mama thinks is cute. For miles each day, I pace the same creaky wood floor, that never seems to look clean, noticing all the unfinished decorating projects and plenty of ‘one days’ around the house. I glance over at the mile high pile of clean laundry to fold, while the hampers are overflowed with soiled garments that seem to reproduce themselves. I wonder about the dust making bunny babies in the corners. In recent times passed, I considered these everyday, this-is- my-life conditions, to be a prison.


Today, however, I chuckle a victory laugh at the messes. Not because I have conquered them, but because they have not conquered me. What about my ugly toes that I hope no one else sees if I forget and wear flip-flops? I smile big on the inside as I am learning to overcome perfectionism and live in the messy moment with the people in my life that are my gifts, yet not promised to me tomorrow. I am purposing to make the most of my time I have with my precious, not-so-little any more kiddos, and stop the busyness to stoop low, look into their eyes and listen with all of me.


Things are changing in this house, that is becoming more like a home everyday. A home the kids will WANT return to (for a visit, of course), after they spread their wings and make families of their own. God is doing a work in us, and that is what I desire above all else. Today and everyday, I am focusing on what is right, lovely, and worthy of praise, and I am still counting His love gifts to me.


I am thankful for…

76. faith-filled husband that prays power prayers that are answered

77. prayers left on bathroom mirror by the same faith-filled man

78. waking up refreshed in the morning, breathing in deeply and realizing with a smile, I did not wake-up once throughout the night

79. time I get to spend at Classical Conversations learning together with my kiddos

80. a powerful wind blowing through the fields, bowing trees, rustling leaves

81. frosty Florida mornings that almost look like it snowed…almost

82. everyone, especially me, waking up in a good mood

83. a very generous loving Papa

84. toddler feeding herself like a big girl

85. the ability to read and comprehend words that give nourishment to my soul

86. words in a little book that reveal the truth that sets me free

87. Husband who wakes early and packs us all lunch

88. experiments that work and make son laugh

89. colorful vintage quilt tops that hang

90. the joy of meeting new people, sensing the relationship will be God breathed

91. the privilege of rocking toddler to sleep in quiet stillness after lunch

92. big sister loving baby sister on big horsey

93. eldest daughter who laughs at mishaps and cleans the messes of baby sister

94. Husband allowing me to sleep in while he cares for toddler

95. toddler with her hands out to embrace ours because she wants to pray

My other lists counting the gifts He has lavished on me, on us… by His love and grace…




  • Norma Medina

    Thanks for being so transparent and reminding us all of what truly matters. Your blog is a true blessing…keep writing 🙂

    • Michele


      Thank you for your sweet words that encourage me… these words I write are serve as my reminder as well… only by His grace… only by His GRACE.

      Love you precious mama,