What is… A Life Surrendered Blog?

Husband announces, “I bought it for you.”

“Bought what?” I wonder.

“I bought you Alifesurrendered.com ,”he replies.

“Are you kidding me? I didn’t even know you could do that. It was available?”


“What am I going to do with it?”

I am a mess, really a mess, not to mention, very private. How dare I even think about starting a website with a blog. What real purpose would it have when I am one small voice in a million? I wouldn’t even know how to begin. I haven’t even figured out how to get dinner on the table every night.

I decided I was not going to do anything with it. So, deep in my imagination and dormant in my spirit, sitting on a dusty shelf in my heart, it remained.

That was fall of 2008.


After years of my irresolution in giving it life, inadvertently I was brought to the door step of defiance, about to cross the threshold into disobedience. A place…I was unwilling to enter.

So, three colorful years later, courageously afraid, here I write. Any doubt in beginning and continuing this blog is dispelled because of a few words that resonate in my soul. They speak loud and they speak clear to me… Matthew 5:14 (The Message)

Now that I’ve put you there on a hilltop,

on a light stand—shine!

Keep open house; be generous with your lives.

By opening up to others, you’ll prompt people to open up with God.

Plenty of moments, over the years and still, I feel like I am getting it wrong more than I am getting it right. I would and sometimes still do, set impossibly high standards and unnecessary expectations for myself, and those I love. It is counterproductive to compare myself with other mamas, but self-debilitatingly, I find myself still mumbling on occasion,

I bet their kids always get along with each other. I am sure their house is spotless. I imagine they pray and read their Bibles every single day, without fail. And, I am sure they finish all their lessons in time for lunch.


In addition, most of my motherhood I wrestled with the lie my labor as a stay-at-home-mama had no significance. Especially, when I felt defeated over, the still existent, never-ending pile of dirty laundry. How does this perfectionist mama go from, the keeping-of-a-house to the making-of-a-home? When so much of my time was squandered away housekeeping, I found myself more than once, piled in a heap on the floor crying out to God, “I feel like such a waste. There has got to be more than this.” While, deep down knowing being home with my children was my call.

God has arrested my heart for my family.

He called me to be a wife

who supports my husband to be all God created him to be.

He destined me to be a homeschooling mom

that has vision for my children’s lives.

He raised me to be a mentor that leads them

to serve God all the days of their lives.

He gives me vision for their lives

so that I can draw out the potential I see,

and raise them up in their gifts and talents and strengths,

and encourage them to fulfill their call in Him.

Even though, on my defeated days, or that time of the month, I feel awfully unequipped, and I am inadequate to fulfill my call, so long as I endeavor in my own strength. Nevertheless, I am fully invested and completely surrendered, believing daily this promise…

“My GRACE is enough; it’s all you need.
My STRENTH comes into its own in your weakness.”

So I live this proclamation, but not apart from Him… 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 (The Message)

Once I heard that, I was glad to let it happen. I need to quit focusing on the handicap and begin appreciating the gift. It was a case of Christ’s STRENGTH moving in on my weakness… I yield and just let Christ take over! And so the weaker I get, the stronger I become.

I stand resolute, committed to fulfilling my purpose as a wife and mama, seeking God’s will for us as a family, living authentically, purposefully parenting with husband as the lead and passionately pursuing God, granting Him unhindered access to the most secret places of my heart so that He can change me from the inside out, and His light will shine.

The story of how I met my God, the stories of my transformations, my challenges and struggles, difficulties and failures, successes and victories, my blessings and gifts, my learning and growing and learning and stretching and learning some more, how to navigate my way through this life, seeking God, being established and settled and discovering the incomprehensible joy of answering my call, realizing I can enjoy life, pursuing how to love better, defining my mission, finding my voice, walking in His grace, sharing some practical, sensible and realistic methods, ideas and great finds, maybe in the process bringing someone encouragement and hope, and God as the only audience I aim to please, is what this blog is all about.

I will never claim to have the answers, and a teachable spirit I pray, I will always possess.

Nevertheless, I invite you to continue on this journey with me…

This ongoing narrative of a wife and mama,

whose life’s Author is her God.

  • http://findingcontentmentinhim.com Kim Munson

    I am about to launch my blog (by the end of this month) and I have been searching for direction. It is nice to see someone who has just recently embarked on this journey. It seems overwhelming and yet, very exciting! I am really hoping to also go to the Allume conference in October. If so, perhaps we will meet!

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      Exciting days! How wonderful and congratulations! I hopped on over to your place and it seems you have done quite a lovely and thorough job. It took me months after launching to get that far :) If you make it to Allume… yes, come find me!!! Thanks for visiting :)

  • http://www.unstuckandunstoppable.com Karen

    Wow… how eerily similar to my own experience.

    I felt internally “compelled” to buy my domain name at the end of 2010. Got frustrated when I couldn’t figure out what to do with it, and let it sit for over a year. Got laid off in February, and all of a sudden, LIGHT BULB, I knew what I wanted to do with my site.

    I love the way the Master works. I just love it. I’m so glad that your hubby bought the site for you. Intuitive man! :-)

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      I love your domain name! What a great testimony :) And the Master — I love the Master! I pray God will bless your endeavors for His glory…

      No one can stop you, if God is for you :)

      Blessings to you,


  • http://malisaprice.com Malisa

    I enjoyed reading the story of your website and I think it is hilarious that your husband bought you your domain. My husband loves buying domains too! Looking forward to reading more about your life and story.

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      Thank you for your comment here. It made me smile :) I am so grateful that my husband believed in me and saw things that I didn’t see, enough to buy the domain by faith. I never thought I would do anything with it… but here I am :)

      Thank you for stopping by and sorry for the delay in replying. I must have missed this…


  • http://www.dailysurrendertojesus.com/ Stacy

    I came across your blog today through Five Minute Friday and I have been so very blessed by your words which resonate in my own heart. Beautiful blog. I’m so glad your husband bought it for you! Beautiful words from the heart. I’m so glad you are willing to share them. God bless!

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      Thank, thank you… truly :) Thank you for taking the time out to read and comment… Thank you for encouraging me by sharing your heartfelt thoughts…I loved your 5 minute post… what a precious moment you shared.

      Blessings to you…

  • http://jessiegunderson.com Jessie Gunderson

    Oh my goodness, our journey’s are so much alike! Who me? Blog? I can’t cook, or keep it together. I’m just me and most the time that’s kinda ugly, boring and stressful.

    God’s plan.

    Only through me are you anything! Don’t worry about the rest.

    Sigh! Still working on that not worrying bit. :)

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      I am up way too late, but before I take my responsible place with my head on my pillow, resting for the day’s challenges ahead, I wanted to reply :)

      Isn’t it strange how God uses the foolish to confound the wise… and in our weakness (got lots) His strength is made perfect??? Glad to be on this journey together! Let us see what God will do with our lives that belong wholly to Him!

      Blessings <3