I am standing on my cold slate 4×4 space in my laundry room, folding Husband’s shorts out of the dryer. In the background I hear the television he is watching with our toddler, who has gotten her second wind for the night, playing in the background. It is a news special about Mark Zuckerberg. Maybe his name is not as well know as his creation. A few have heard of it…


I tune in to the awe-inspiring list of his accomplishments. I listen intently to them throw the word billion, meaning dollars, around like commonplace. Suddenly, I feel very small. A wave of discouragement hits me. What have I accomplished in my life? What do I have to show for it? I did not even finish college. I do not even get out of my pajamas most homeschool days. What have I become? 

Immediately, I recognize these thoughts as falsehoods from the enemy of my soul. As swiftly as the flood of negative badgering flows, the Spirit of the Lord that leads me into all the truth, lifts up a standard against him. My mind is quickly brought to meditate on the vastness of God, and how microscopic I was at conception.

Yet, He knew me.

In secret, He intricately and curiously knitted me while in the dark of my mothers womb.

He formed me.

I reflect on the poor widow who gave her last 2 small copper coins worth only a few cents.

God noticed.

I ponder about the innumerable number of hairs on my head.

He counts them.

The truth blows in like a breath of fresh air.

Size does NOT equal SIGNIFICANCE.

significance |sigˈnifikəns|

1. the quality of being worthy of attention; importance

2. the meaning to be found

The size of my bank account, the size of my house, the size of my body does not determine my worth, my importance, my meaning. My Creator, my Designer, my life’s Author, my Heavenly Father, my Lord, my Savior does, and He decided I was worth dying for. As for the measure of success to the world, they may not make a measuring tool small enough, but it’s God’s measuring tool I am concerned with. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet lose His soul? My life is surrendered to Him, and He says if I lose it, I will find it. In Him is where I want my life to be found. To Him, I am significant. To Him, YOU are significant.

Let my prayer be “that I mean every act for His glory…

Let me believe that God is in all of my small simple deeds

and learn to find Him there.”

A.W. Tozer

Let every detail in your lives…

words, actions, whatever…

be done in the name of the Master, Jesus,

THANKING God the Father every step of the way.

Colossians 3:17

I thank the God Who holds the whole world in His hands, yet still says I am the apple of His eye. I thank Him for all the simple yet abundantly significant graces and blessings He has poured out on me.

I am still counting… I am THANKFUL for…

111. truth that frees

112. eldest daughter and teenage girlfriend, comfortably chatting and giggling on my bed

113. toddler baby girl playing peek-a-boo with herself in the oven glass giggling contagiously

114. Little Tikes reminding me to ENJOY every moment… my tikes won’t be little for very long
115. having everything we need for school at our finger tips… God provides

116. toddler baby girl following big sis around calling her mama

117. big sis being patient with all of her inquisitiveness
118. mercy from God and family for mistakes I make over and over

119. the diligence of my determined one

120. sitting with my only boy in his tree house
121. listening to him share his dreams, on a perfectly beautiful Florida winter day
122. great anticipation of the future I behold with inner eyes that see… by FAITH

123. in His presence, finding there really is FULLNESS OF JOY

Other lists counting…