Another Call to Prayer {for Truman}

Precious, faith-filled community, will you join me in prayer once again?

My heart breaks for this precious baby boy named Truman and his mama who is pregnant. He and his family are in need of prayer. Truman, who I believe is around 13 months old, had a near drowning accident after falling headlong into a bucket of dirty water.

He has 6 other siblings and there is one more on the way.

You can read all the updates on his mama’s blog.

The Mouro Family

My cry to God…

There is a world, a hurting world I desire to touch for you. Hungry little bodies that I want to have a part in feeding. Lost souls that I want to have a part in bringing the gospel to. Wounded, sick, bruised and beaten that I want a part in bringing Your healing to. Yet, here I kneel, contrite over how I lacked love today, because surely I acted in a manner not worthy of my call.

Here I pray, and then I receive a message about this baby boy Truman, and suddenly my cares seem so unimportant and my worries so frivolous. I am sobered, awakened, reminded of the broken world You came to save and how truly blessed I am. This hurting world is far reaching from my small world I become a prisoner of — bound by its cares, blind to Yours. Untangle me Lord — so I can run. Free me of these weights so I can carry the burden of Your heart. Your burden is for the broken. You were broken for our brokenness.

I pray that you would heal baby Truman and make him whole. I pray for the family — his parents and his siblings, that you would give them peace and strength during this time filled with so many challenges. I pray that You would heal broken hearts and show up strong on behalf of this family that is Yours. I pray for this mama, who is pregnant, that you would lavish Your love and pour Your grace like rain upon her.

This is the confidence I have in coming before You — if I ask anything according to Your will, You hear me. And if I know You hear me in whatever I ask, then I know that I have the requests which I have asked from You. |1John 5:14|

You have also told me, and I believe You — if even just two of us agree here on earth concerning anything we ask, Your Father in Heaven will do it. |Matthew 18:19|

Today, once again, I offer this place as platform to share of an urgent need to pray for one of Yours. I pray to you, Jesus, that you would take the message of this baby boy in need of a miracle to your faith-filled pray-ers. Raise up intercessors to cry to You on Truman’s behalf.

You suffered the things we should have suffered.

You took on Yourself the pain that should have been ours.

You were punished to make us whole again.

By Your wounds You have healed us.

Isaiah 53:4-5

Your Spirit knows our condition,

and keeps us present before You, God.

That’s why we can be so sure that

every detail in our lives of love for You, God,

is worked into something good.

Romans 8:26-28 MSG

You are the God who heals.

Exodus 15:26

We cry to You in our trouble, and Lord, You save us.

You send out Your word and You heal us — You rescue us

 Let us give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love

and His wonderful deeds for mankind.

Psalm 107:19-21

Please share this need with praying people.

Read the updates here at The Mouro Family


  • Roxann @ In The Cool Of The Day

    Sometimes we spend so much time focusing on our little world that we forget the needs of others. Thanks for bringing our attention to what we’re truly called to, which is to lay down our lives for others. I pray that Truman will be made whole also.

    • Michele-Lyn


      You share such truth here. I journey with you in this. I too, find myself caught up in my own small world and forget the hurting, lost world Christ came to save.

      Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts here… You are a blessing.

  • Jennifer

    Michele, I am praying — for Truman, for his dear mother and family. So grateful for your love-filled heart.

    • Michele-Lyn


      Thank you so much for praying… have you seen the praise reports on his mama’s blog? What an amazing God we serve. Their faith is so inspiring 🙂

  • Shelly Miller

    I had these same feelings this week when I heard testimonies from church planters in urban settings. I was brought to tears by what they sacrifice to share the gosel with the lost. So sorry to hear about this little guy and pray he bounces back, recovers whole.

    • Michele-Lyn


      Sometimes I just shake my head about how much I take for granted… we are so very blessed in more ways we can even count…

      Thank you for your prayers and encouragement… blessings to you..


  • ro elliott

    Michele…thanks so much for sharing this story…yes how these moments put things in focus really fast. blessings to you~

    • Michele-Lyn

      Ro… I pray that I do not have to wait for times like these to remember what is most important… truly. My heart goes out to this boy’s mama. She is expecting her 8th baby. We are believing Truman be made whole.

  • Beth

    I’ll be praying for this sweet little guy! Keep us updated on his progress. And thanks for caring for the little ones that are the apple of Jesus’ eye, Michele-Lyn!

    • Michele-Lyn


      God is faithful.. there has been some progress… You can visit his mama’s blog. They are really good about posting updates.

      Thank you for praying!

  • Barbie

    Thank you for bringing Truman before us so that we could pray. I am asking the Father to come with complete healing and restoration to his body and asking for peace and strength for his family.

    • Michele-Lyn


      Thank you for being faithful in prayer. I know that his family appreciates it so much! God is moving… there has been progress! Praise Him!

  • [email protected]

    This is heart-breaking, and I’m so glad you’ve linked up, so our community can join in the prayers. This is one of the best parts about online community … being able to spread the words about these kinds of things!

    • Michele-Lyn


      Thank you for being so willing to share your place and cultivate community. In all our endeavors in this life, there are so few that will really matter in the end. Stories like this make me realize how precious and fragile life is.. But thankfully we serve a mighty and powerful and strong loving God who is faithful no matter what.

      Blessings and true gratitude and love to you…


  • Ashley Ditto

    Beautiful post! New to your blog

    • Michele-Lyn


      Thank you… although it is one of those posts I am sad to share… We are believing for God to heal. He is good.