I look forward to 5 Minute Fridays, linking-up with The Gypsy Mama, and an incredibly beautiful community here. There is something wonderful in allowing words to flow, unhindered — just write what pours after being stirred from reading one word, and then write for only 5 minutes. Today, the word  is REAL. Here is my 5 minutes worth.

I make hot chocolate from scratch, with pure cocoa.

I do not like faux wood flooring. Neither, do I care for imitation leather. I prefer foods that are all natural, as opposed to having artificial ingredients. Replicas of antiques and vintage items may so closely resemble the original that only an expert eye can discern the difference, but I rather wait to come across and pay the price for the real thing.

I have a very difficult time embracing something

that is pretending to be something it is not.

I appreciate what is real, but more so — something that is true. I am hungry for truth in every circumstance of life. I may see something one way, and another sees it completely different. Opinions will be formed, and judgements will be made based on our perceptions. But I am not near as interested in my opinion, or anyone else’s, as I am interested in God’s.

I rather concern myself with hearing from

the One who knows all things.

The One who can see through the imitation,

artificiality and pretense of it all,

to the true heart of the matter.

I am most eager to embrace the One

Who not only knows the truth,

leads me into the truth, but Who is the Truth.

And the truth, is what I am really a lover of.

I woke up this morning with this prayer on my lips…

May my failures or successes or the error of my ways

not ever make me blind, and keep me from seeing the TRUTH.

Please say a prayer for Joanna. You can read her story here.