MONTH: June 2012

When You Feel Overwhelmed…

There they are. The bills that need paying. The papers that need filing. The calendar that needs space. Occupying my writing stool —Read more » » »

Birthday Letter to Daughter :: My 18 year old Beauty…

Here’s a birthday letter to you, daughter. While I am cooking here, attempting gluten-free French toast, and frying sausage links &#Read more » » »

He Breaks Through {& Counting Gifts}

A call to a deeper place left an unsettling in my heart. Weary just won’t let me rest, so I sought after God, and it was a breakthroughRead more » » »


Until next Monday, it will be a quiet place here. I need to take time to clear the clutter and the noise in my head. I believe God is tryingRead more » » »

A Call to Prayer {Joanna & Truman} UPDATE

Here is an update on the Call to Prayer for these precious ones.   Truman is home now. Take a visit to their blog. It will encourageRead more » » »


Whether it is buried deep or boldly written-out for anyone to see – Whether it is understood or indescribable – Whether it’Read more » » »

It Always Matters {and Counting Gifts}

We make rainbow cakes and love thin pancakes smothered in Nutella. We wage pretend wars and we dance and sing silly. We sit long and rockRead more » » »

Proverbs 14:12 Straight Before Me…

Proverbs 14:12 Straight Before Me… I am pondering this verse today… “There is a way which seems right to a man and appearsRead more » » »

EXPECTATION {5 Minute Friday}

Joining The Gypsy Mama and a beautiful community on 5 Minute Friday. We write short posts on Friday’s. Just 5 minutes of writingRead more » » »

REJECTION: A Four Week Mini Bible Study {Book Review & Give-away}

I know rejection, and the deep seeded, horrible pain it leaves. Many of us have our own stories. Although, those stories took place in theRead more » » »

What I am certain God desires… {Week 1: Bible in 90 Days & Counting Gifts}

Today will mark day 8 of reading the Bible through in 90 days. This last week has taken me on a journey from the beginning of time, to theRead more » » »

Bringing Up Girls by Dr. Dobson {Book Review}

If I had any doubt before, I have none now, of the importance of connecting to the hearts of my children in relationship. In Bringing UpRead more » » »

SEE {5 Minute Friday}

Joining The Gypsy Mama and a beautiful community that is a true blessing. We write short posts on Fridays — just 5 minutes ofRead more » » »