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Until next Monday, it will be a quiet place here. I need to take time to clear the clutter and the noise in my head. I believe God is trying to speak — and I need to pull away so I can hear.

I am praying for a renewal and infilling.

I know it can be found in His Presence.

I pray, I am found in His Presence.

Blessings to you, my friends.

Thankful for…

527. The REST of God.

  • http://www.audrasilva.com Audra Silva

    I so needed that quote: “Thou hast formed us for Thyself, and our hearts are restless till they find rest in Thee.” First, I must ask, what book is that? Second, I am right smack in this place. I ended my 21 day fast yesterday, and I’ve found myself still off kilter. This is why. I must rest in Him until He puts rest in me. I know this week will be good for you. See you Monday, sweet friend.

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      I know this post is months old but thank you! You are a gift :)

  • http://www.reflectionsofhisgrace.com Joan

    Oh, I totally understand. I’m feeling that pull also.

    Blessings and prayers,


    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      I am fixing to go on another week’s break… I pray I can rest and find refreshing from Him… I hope you found yours as well :)

  • http://countingmyblessings.com Deb

    I am standing with you in this beautiful prayer. Finding my rest in Him is the only true and lasting peace. This is my heart’s desire.

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      Thank you :) I am taking another blog break next week. This week here taught me how much I need regular times of rest…

      Blessings to you,


  • http://livedwell.blogspot.com Stacy

    May you be blessed as you seek to be quiet with Him. I pray for a heart that hears and accepts and a total refilling and refreshing of your spirit.

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      Thank you for your blessing :) I will be taking more time to rest next week. I am believing for God to refill and refresh!

  • http://www.wynnegraceappears.com wynnegraceappears

    Bless you during your time of rest and renewal.

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      Thank you :) I am taking another week of REST next week :) Things will be quiet here…

  • http://onesmalltowngirl.com Ashlie

    Oh, I totally understand and have been there! It’s sometimes hard as a momma of little ones and keeper of the home…there is always noise :) Praying you find some rest and quiet to hear His voice…love to you friend!

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      Thank you for your prayers. This was a very great week, I remember. I will be taking another break next week :) I am looking forward to the rest!

      Blessings to you :)

  • http://heavenlyglimpses.blogspot.com/2012/06/what-lies-beyon [email protected]

    This is always a wise choice, to pull back from the noise and rest. Blessings to you!

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      Oh, yes! I remember this week of rest. I will be taking another one next week. I am looking forward to it :)

  • http://sixinthehickorysticks.blogspot.com Nacole

    oh, sweet girl. im praying for you today. we all need rest sometimes, and for different reasons. praying you receive the filling-up you need–filled with the measure of the fullness of Christ as i mentioned the other day! this is what I want too. love you.

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      I know this comment is from a while ago, but I had gotten very behind in reply. I decided to come back to reply because it is so important to me to let the people who comment know how blessed I am by their words. I am going to be taking another week off next week. I think these times of refreshing are going to really help me :)

      Blessings to you,


  • http://frommyteacup.blogspot.com Tammy

    Praying as you rest in His presence you will be refreshed.

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      Thank you for your prayers :) I am taking another rest next week. I learned during this week, months ago, that I need it regularly :)

  • r.elliott

    WE are neighbors today…I just spent a week at the beach…unplugged…quiet in all HIs beauty…I pray you find an abiding rest…a peace to let go of all that would incumber you…let Him lead you beside still waters…there you will find His rest…xoxox to you sweet friend~

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      Thank you for your blessings… this was a very great week of rest. I am taking another one next week :)

  • http://simplystriving.wordpress.com/ Nikki

    Proud of you, friend. May you hear Him loud and clear as you dwell in His presence. Soak Him in and let it permeate. Looking forward to you coming back to share it with us!

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      This post is from a while ago, but I know I felt your prayers :) I am taking another rest next week. I am looking forward to that :)

  • http://beneaththesurface-dawn.blogspot.com/ Dawn

    Yes, you are doing a wise thing…He bids us- YOU to come away with Him- praying you receive a fresh breath of faith. Agreeing with Barbie in prayer for you, Michelle!

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      Thank you :) I know this post is months old, but I just want to say I appreciate your prayers and encouragement. I will be taking another week off, next week :)

  • http://myfreshlybrewedlife.com/ Barbie

    Praying for refreshing and clarity!

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      Your prayers blessed me. I had breakthrough after this week :)

  • http://www.devotedfromtheinsideout.com Kelli

    Oh, my spirit longs to join you 😉 Praying for you as you find your rest in Him.

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      I know it’s been a while since this post, but thank you :) Fixing to take another rest next week…

  • http://www.encourage365.com Kelly

    I totally understand! :) Hope you get the answers you’re looking for.

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      I know this is months old, but thank you :)