“See over there? That’s where I’ll be. I’m going to find God.” I let my girls know, as I tread out 250 feet behind our home to the back woods.

There I seek God. Seek, until He’s found. Seek, until I’m found.

I dreamed a little, and I asked Him, as I stood on the ground I pray He’d make holy. “Will You give me a place? A place where I can come away and meet with You. A place where I can read words and let words pour. A place to worship. A place to share secrets. A place to be emptied, so I may be filled with You.”

I prayed that, just a couple of months ago. I left hoping one day — maybe a year or two from that day — I would have such a place.

On July 4th, (#572) as I snuggled with Baby Girl, having given-in to her request to lie beside her in her toddler bed, I felt a drawing on my spirit. I hear Him calling. (#573) Just then, I posted this status on my Facebook page.

Do you know what I really feel like I need to do? I’ve never ever felt this so strongly — although I’ve heard other people’s stories. I need to find a cabin in the quiet, no Internet or phone, surrounded by pen, journal and Bible, sit and wait on God to speak until I hear — speak, until He’s done. I need to find Him. How does that work for a stay-at-home mama? My heart is yearning for the Presence of God. I hear His call, and I want to answer.

Many of you “liked” it, and I thought, “You are hungry, too, aren’t you? Hungry and thirsty for more of God?” We journey together, as His very own, in this pursuit of God. (#574)

I wasn’t sure how this could ever be — find a cabin in the quiet. Where? How? When?

Maybe God “liked” the status, too. He promises, as we make Him our delight, the desires of our heart will be given. He promises as we diligently seek Him, we will be rewarded. He promises, when we pray according to His will, He hears us. (Ps 37:4, Heb 11:6, 1 Jn 5:14) Not even an hour after I posted that status, Husband, who hadn’t even read it, showed me a picture on his phone via his Craigslist app — a picture of this — proof to me that God wants to be found by us. (#575-580)


It has a porch — just like I dreamed. It is made of stained wood — just like I love. (#581-582)

I question:

Is it kid sized?

No, it has a full size door — it’s big enough. (#583)

Is it hours away, cities apart?

No, it is just 20 minutes from our country home, where everything is usually 45 minutes or more away. (#584)

Is it out of our budget? (#585) 

No, it is just a fraction of what is would cost to build — and it’s already built. (#586)

“Let’s go see it,” Husband says. “When you walk in, I want you to be able to see yourself in it. I want you to love it.” (#587)

So we go, knowing with Craigslist, you just never know. On the way we pass some very sketch places, and there are twisty turns and bends. I am trying to keep an open mind. Much to my relief, we find ourselves pulling into a home that is not scary at all. One that is beautiful and well manicured. One that a family is a good steward over. (#588)

The cottage is far in the back, and from the distance I can see, I am going to love it. Once I step inside, I just know. The interior needs finishing, and one of our family businesses makes that part easy. Husband will add power and a small air-conditioner. I get to decorate it. We stand in it together — Husband, the two youngest and I. We find a lizard. As the kids try and take it captive, I am captivated — God has heard me. (#589-594)

Husband asks, “So what will you put it in it? Is it big enough?”

“Yes,” I reply with smiling big. “There, I will put a desk with lots of space to spread books, and journals and pens all over. Then I will need a comfy chair for that corner. Then bookshelves in the rest of the space — bookshelves all the way to the top.” (#595) Like some of the ones pictured on my Pinterest pins.

When I am done looking, I chat with the mama a bit. We talk easily, as if we have been life-long friends. It turns out, she attended the same church I surrendered my life to God in, the one I met and married my husband in. Then, Husband makes an offer, below the asking price, and her husband says, “Yes — delivery included.” Could this be any sweeter? (#596-602)

Today, it comes — delivered right to the place — the place where I go to find God. (#603)

I am going to make it beautiful, and God will make it holy.