Homeschooling is for us, but not for everyone. Homeschooling is a calling, and not everyone is called to it. Just like not everyone is called to pastor a church. But, we still are called to preach the Gospel and we still are called to stand as gatekeepers and watchmen to our children’s hearts and souls. We all have different assignments of how to go about it.

I’ve had it on my heart, as of late, to let you in this huge part of my life. I always think, “God has me homeschool — not for my kids — but for me.” God has used this refining tool, probably more than any other. Homeschooling was not as much my choosing as it has been a calling. Now, it is a passion. A way of life. I see it more than academia. I see it as taking strategic battle ground in this fight for our children’s souls. God has the plan already laid out before us, and we are to discover it and walk in it. Part of that plan for us is homeschooling.

Here is a short intro to our Homeschool life.

I’ve been homeschooling for 10 years, and still feel I am new at it at times.

I am all over the board. I have a 2 year old toddler, and a Senior in high school this year.  I have a struggling reader, and a determined pre-teen beauty. Sometimes all I can do is laugh at all I have to remember and know. It’s crazy.

I have had cows, milking goats and chickens. At one time in our life, I believe we had 11 pets living inside the house. Now we have 1 snake and 1 hermit crab in the house. We also have 2 horses, but they stay outside.

My 2 oldest have gone to preschool and private school. I took them out and brought them home.

I went to public school.

I never thought I would homeschool again, once I quit for 3 years in the middle. I felt sorry for those who did.

I have learned simple is better after I tried almost every curriculum there is.

I feel like I am just hitting my stride, maybe. So newbies, it will take time to navigate your way through. No need to hurry.

I am not the best homeschooling mama there is. There are some real super stars out there. I am not one of them.

I’ve struggled. I still do at times.

If I haven’t scared you off, and if you wouldn’t mind, can I invite you in to a place that is far from perfect, but where there is lots of grace? Where there should be a sign that says, “Pardon our dust” because we are always a work in progress — deeply in the process.

In this Homeschool Journal…

You probably will not find very creative ideas in this place. Pinterest is a gold mine for those, and most of those stay beautifully pinned on my boards.

Here you will find a heart of a mama that has been broken for her family. A mama who desire is to have her children live differently than she did. One who is fully invested in her roll, yet still shakes her head in wonder, “Am I really doing the best thing for my children?”

Along the way I will share how I have had the gentle leading of Abba Father. The One who whispers quiet in the middle of the storm, “Yes. You are right where you belong. Just remember the “why” of what you are doing.”

I will answer the “why “ in this place. Why do I do this? Not knowing the answer would have caused me to quit and run away more times than I care to share.

In time, the passions that I have burning in my heart for the fight for my children’s souls will be scribed, and what our answer to the call of homeschooling has to do with those.

I will share a bit about my favorite curriculum and resources. I will tell about some things that have worked for us, and some things that have not.

I will tell you how my personal mission statement below, relates to this area of my life and raising my children.

Living to draw out potential,

ignite passion and

foster growth in myself and others

for the glory of God.

Here, you will find pictures. Hopefully some good ones. Here is one that depicts how I feel a quarter way through the morning, most homeschool days. It’s my eldest beauty — Senior in high school. I took it today. It’s so completely perfect and makes me smile big.  🙂