I know what kind of mama I want to be.

You know the one from the paper towel commercial? Like that.

You can take aΒ look at it here, later. Soak up life’s beautiful messes.

I do not always know how to be that mama.

I don’t dream any longer of being a Martha Stewart kind of mama,

or one who keeps all of life in nice and neat boxes.

Children don’t come in boxes.

Children don’t fit in boxes.

I know. I spent so many years trying, pushing and pressing them to.

They hang over the edge.

They pop their heads up.

They wiggle and giggle and spill out all over.

Ah, yes. I speak of control.

When I seek to control life, I vacuum life right out of us.

Life shouldn’t be vacuumed.

Powdered sugar should, after.

I am still learning.

I am still forgetting.

I am still remembering.

In raising a child, one of the most important things to remember, is what it is like to be one. <— Tweetable, eh?

Still counting… #667-691


This night owl learning to be an early bird — and enjoying it.

Husband who is there to gently clean up when my heart spills out all over.

Husband who doesn’t think I am a touch of crazy.

A week full of unexpected God-sized opportunities.

Seeking God and finding Him near.

Making it through the soft-start-week of our homeschool’s new year.

Meeting new people.

Sitting long with old friends.

Realizing the truth always prevails — even if it takes us a long time to learn it.

Being able to smile past loads and loads of laundry piled high.

Children who do their chores — without being asked.

Being able to embrace my calling, not just resign to it.

Jeff Goin’s new book.

Planners and books and papers and calendars and plans and PEACE.

Cousins acting more like great friends.

Beautiful messes.

Toddler that has us all chasing, all enamored.

Inspiration that comes in Olympian form.

Beautiful messes that remind me children don’t fit in boxes.

Loyal readers and faithful comment leavers that seem to know the very right thing to say.

The word of God that is always true.

The One who called me is Faithful…

And He WILL do it. 1 Thess 5:24

Yes and Amen.