An update of sorts {a long one} UPDATED

I cannot believe I forgot to tell you something. See update below?

I am not sure I have ever written a blog post like this. At least not with the “intent” to fill you in on what is going on over here in my little world. I am not even sure where to begin, as I feel like I am a bit all over the place. I suppose that is part of the reason for this post — to help me sort things out, and invite you along while I do. You see, you are now a very important part of my life. Yes, you.

I think about you, who are my readers, everyday. I pray for you and even have dreams for you. I didn’t know some of you when I started blogging. I didn’t think I would have any of you stop in for a visit, and some of you stay a while, too. I am humbled by you, and grateful for you.

I may not always know where God is leading, but I trust Him to lead. My job is to follow. Do I make mistakes sometimes? Yes. Do I think I am going the right way, only to find out I was wrong? Yes, well, maybe. Because God is good at working it all out for those called according to His purpose. I believe that. So, God works it out for good. Though, it’s the harder and longer way, I learn more on those wrong turns, somehow — God how.

I will continue to share my stories of walking out my days as wife and homeschool mama, learning to live by grace, in pursuit of God. But I’d also like to let you in on where I feel God is leading, and where I have an inkling to go. Ready?

{UPDATE} Our Journey to a Different Christmas: Through December, I will be sharing about our story to make Christmas different this year. Different because I desired to see a change in our hearts. We were developing a sense of entitlement that scared me a bit. Last year, Husband and I decided the money that would normally go to buying presents to add to our already robust lot, instead will be given to help someone in desperate need. It began with this post last year. And the story continues.

Blog Design:
I will be making some changes to the look of the blog. It will take time, though. I’m doing the designing. I get bored so easily. I want to add some personal touches. I have a hard time deciding, and I am slow. I will also be doing some re-organizing. I hope it will make it easier for you and I to find what we are looking for.

Creative Venturer:
In my “A few things I ♥” post I wrote, “I stand in child-like awe and wonder at the beauty and genius of God’s creativity.” It’s true. I love Creator God. I love creating, I love to cultivate creators, artist and designers here at home. I have neglected this part of my soul and mind for too long. Or maybe it was just the courageous, adventurer toddler tornado I’ve been chasing. But nevertheless, it has been awakened in me. Here’s a bonus secret: I have a dream to create items to sell, that will help raise money for world missions. There, I said it. Whew! Next.

Writing a Book:
Nope. I just thought I’d throw that in. 🙂 Actually, what I may do, and it’s a big maybe, is turn my “31 Days to Dream Again” series into an ebook next year, maybe.

Speaking of 31 Days to Dream Again:
Join me in January for my first series. Don’t miss anything by subscribing, liking on Facebook and following on Twitter. I am praying for you already. Find the beginnings of the series, here.

World Missions:
More specifically, World Help. I blog for World Help. This organization is nothing short of amazing. They are doing incredible works all over the world, in about 70 different countries. I went with them to Guatemala, in October, for Operation Baby Rescue. Find those posts, here. FYI: Once a week, until the end of 2012, I will be writing my stories about baby rescue. The plan in 2013 is to write at least once a month about missions. If I take a trip to a nation, then I take you along with me for the week. Africa? Haiti? Guatemala, again? God knows. Thank you to all those who’ve stayed with me in this new journey. I have a heart for the nations.

Contributing Writer:
I am a “contributor” at the Allume Blog and 5 Minutes for Faith. That means, once a month I will invite you to come read a post I wrote for them. I am so encouraged when I know you’ve come along. I get so very nervous writing at other blogs — seriously nervous.

Homeschool Journal:
Remember that? I was supposed to write most Thursdays my “Homeschool Journal.” Well, I found the topic was too narrow for my lifestyle, because homeschool is integrated into every part of my life here at home. So, most Thursdays will be “Making of a Home.” I am still learning how to make a house a home, and I want to take you along on the journey. Look out for posts about decorating, organizing, recipes, homeschool and beautiful messes. I know God is in this — to cultivate a lively home to enjoy, a place of peace and organized chaos, a place to live and breathe and be able to make mistakes and make disciples, to grow, to be filled with God’s love and grace and house people that get along. Yes, this.

Book Reviews:
If you love to read and love free books — become a blogger. Wow! This is a secret perk, I am sure. I love to read, and would love to say “yes” to everyone. But it is impossible for me to read and review every book that is offered to me. I will review friends’ books to help support their dream, from time to time. I love to do that. I love to share books that I read and love, especially if no one asked me to. And I will be part of book “launch” teams sometimes. Launch teams are for new book releases. I am really excited about Holley Gerth’s new book about dreams, coming out next year. I’m on her launch team, so you will be hearing about that more, soon.

I don’t understand why completely, but in obedience I am closing comments temporarily, because I believe God has spoken to my heart to do so. After this post, and until January 1, 2013 comments will be closed. Not because I do not want to hear from you. I do. When you’d like to send me a note and you are subscribed to my posts, you can hit reply anytime, and I get the email. You can use the contact form. The link is in the menu bar. I get that email. Also, find me on Facebook and Twitter.

I may be doing a full switch over to Mail Chimp for subscriptions and newsletters next year. I will let you know about that.

Oh, you may see a view of these popping up. Me on video — that’s a huge step away from the place of hiding I was in for so many years.


Blog Breaks:
Some of you know I take a blog break about ever 7th week. My next one is December 13-18th. You can read a little about why, here and here. You might find a special guest posting here during this time.  It blesses me when you welcome them.

Thank you for reading this far! I have a few other ideas stirring, but I am not quite sure yet about them.

And with all this said, I committed to God and my family that blogging would not take away from us or from God’s purpose for our family. If that begins to happen, blogging has to give a little. Thank you for grace about that.

Whew! I know. That was long. But I can breathe easier now.

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  • arcelia

    My sweet sister, we are definitely of the same mold and have the same new heart given to us by Jesus Christ! I hear your heart and I am thankful you are sharing here. I have not been able to comment on many of your posts lately and instead have prayed for you and meditated on the Words He’s given you to share. Sometimes I’m so full I don’t even know where to begin to tell you how much He’s used you to bless and encourage my walk with Him. He assured me He would tell you 😉 So now I won’t feel bad about not commenting and I’ll continue to pray for you and know that at the very least I WILL see you and get to share with you the investment in His kingdom you have made in my life–it is the blessed assurance we have in heaven. We will both be at His feet singing ‘Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God almighty’ and it is there you will see how He has used you. I love you!

  • lisa

    First of all…. what a not so nice tease…. Writing a book: NOPE! In due season . . . . and I leave it at that. I am leaving a comment “because I can” [lol] and because I want you to know that still, after a year I am blessed and challenged by your words here. I am so excited to watch all these dreams come to life and hope that I am able to, not only partake of the harvest, but be an asset in planting seeds in the field of your heart. <3 I love you!

  • Lisa

    Michele-Lyn, this post is wonderfully helpful in getting to know you better and also inspiring me with some ideas on how to bring boundaries and structure to my life, too. Thanks so much for sharing and laying out your plan. I’ll ask God’s favor to be upon you quiet spaces this year and next!

    • Michele-Lyn


      This was a such a sweet encouragement, thank you! I hope I can get to know you better over the next year 🙂

  • Barbie

    Oh my friend, I love you. I love all of this. I am excited for all of this. I thought perhaps I should learn blog design, since I pay to have it recreated and made beautiful every year. Perhaps I will add that to my list. I love how you will be incorporating your homeschooling into “Making of a Home”. I was just praying about somehow combining my homeschooling and recipe posts as well. Perhaps I will do that. I love your heart, how you lean in close to hear Him loud and clear, and that you are not afraid to be obedient. I will miss interacting with you here, but I know where to find you 🙂 I love you my friend. Keep shining for Jesus!

    • Michele-Lyn


      I’ve considered paying someone to help with my blog design, but knowing me, I wouldn’t like it and would change it anyway 🙂 You should totally dabble in it and see if you like it. I do think your blog is beautiful already.

      Thank you for being a constant in my life. I can count on your prayers and encouragement! You are a gift 🙂

  • La

    Hi! You don’t know me and I just started following your blog. I am so blessed! Blogging is not a spiritual gift of mine, but b/c of you and your testimony, and your love for the Lord, I might actually ( prayerfully considering) start blogging. Thank you for being you and for what God wants you to be. He is able.

    • Michele-Lyn


      Thank you for this sweet note. I pray you will find God’s leading in what your heart desires to do.

      Blessings 🙂

  • Elizabeth Marshall

    Oh friend this all sounds so great. I am excited to follow all of your dreams and plans and followings after the Lord. I have missed you and hope to re-connect during these coming weeks.

    Merry Thanksgiving and Happy going into the Christmas seasons, my friend. Blessings all along the way.

    • Michele-Lyn


      You bless and encourage! Thank you my friend. I pray you find His grace lavished on you today 🙂



  • Dawn St Amand Paoletta

    I hear your heart loud and clear. So I will leave a comment now wishing you the best in all of these. I so relate to so much of your post. May you find rest in the path He has from you and much wonderful adventure. I find both rest and adventure when I follow where he leads! I think only He can bring those two together. In His Grace, Dawn

    • Michele-Lyn


      Yes! Rest and adventure. Thank you for your encouraging words and your affirmation. May you also find rest.

      Blessings to you 🙂