It is Finished… [and counting beyond 1000 gifts]

I’ve counted to and beyond 1000 gifts. 

This day ushers in the New Year, and we look to it as a marker for an end and new beginning. No doubt, last year was filled with its own triumphs and its own trials. It held celebrations, and also griefs. It’s speckled with sweet success and maybe riddled with regrets. It holds it’s own immeasurable 1000 gifts and hard thanks, and it’s different for us all.

There is something true for us all, and we must remember — we cannot go back, and it cannot be changed.

“It is finished,” He declared. So what of the past?

Release it, and cling to this.

The marvelous works which He has done.

His tender mercies and His loving kindnesses.

His faithfulness to His holy promises.

Our past does not exist, except to remind us of the goodness of God.

Oh, look how far we’ve come!

The year is new, today is new, and also are His mercies. Today is made by God. Today, let us look forward.  Today, He is an ever-present Help.

We do not know what the future holds, but we know Who holds our future. And with it, God desires to give us a hope. And perhaps hope is what we really need in order to believe there is something greater for us than what lies in our past, something greater than where we are now — hope to dare to dream again. 

Today… I want to end the year with thanks for God’s gifts of immeasurable grace beyond a 1000…


a year full of wondrous grace. our health. provision. increase in business. Guatemala. life-change. heart-change. children who love us. how far we’ve come. this blog. you readers. family. friends. friends who are more like family. birthdays. hellos. new car. new paint color. new place to find God. stronger marriage. clear direction. travel. vacations. help. beautiful weather. sun. snow. wind. trees rustling. other’s generosity. strength made perfect. the Father’s leading. unsolicited kisses and hugs. and I love you’s. and I miss you’s. gas for our car. food in the fridge. food in the pantry. washer and dryer. the loads of laundry and bodies to fill them. closets full. hearts full. joy full. cup runneth over. my husband that is a servant-leader. children who are gifted.

And grace. more and more grace. grace I never counted. Never noticed. or slowed down enough to see. Still, His grace abounds and counting could measure immeasurable beyond 1000 gifts.

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  • Del Marie Riley

    Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed new year. I’ve only been reading your blog for a few short months but I am so inspired by you and the words that God puts on your heart to share with us. Very beautiful and spirit filled, your writing has touched my heart in many ways. I look forward to the new year and learning how to better surrender myself to our most wonderful Savior.

    • Michele-Lyn

      Del Marie,

      What humbling words of grace you leave me here. Thank you for sharing with me. You bless me this New Year’s Eve!

      With love,


  • Kelli

    Michele-Lyn, I just wanted to tell you that you INSPIRE me with your genuine heartfelt life of love. Thank you. Blessings over your new year my friend.

    • Michele-Lyn


      When I saw your comment come through my email notification, I smiled, because my comments were supposed to be closed. This was such a sweet surprise. I feel like it is a special gift of grace that the comments were left open — just so I could read this.

      Thank you sweet friend. You encouraged my soul. Happy New Year to you! And may blessings abound!