A year ago, when my heart began to be stirred, and awakened to the nations, I never imagined God would connect me with an amazing organization doing an incredible work around the world. I never, ever would have imagined that I would also be able to write a post for them. I am honored, and humbled to be a guest posting at World Help. Here is an excerpt from that write.

The Heart Behind World Help

“But too often we just get overwhelmed by the great need… I know that I can’t save them all…but I can make a difference for one.” Awake, Noel Yeatts

And you and I can, too.

I heard about World Help for the first time, Spring of 2012. I had the privilege of meeting some of the amazing people behind World Help when I went to Guatemala with them in October. I walked and talked with those who keep the incredible, world-wide work going. My heart has long been broken for the nations, and I’ve wanted to be part of a work that was reaching the world — one I could trust. I desired a heart-and-hand connection, and I wanted the people who worked for it, to have that, too. The people behind World Help, they have that heart-and-hand connection. Continue reading…