On June 12, 2012 I wrote a post and held a giveaway for coffee from a company whose mission inspired me. I wrote these words.

“I am awestruck by those who discover their big God dream, and then follow God in it. It takes heavy doses of courage to follow a dream — to step out into the unknown and take risks. I know, because I’ve spent so much time camped out on the edge of my comfort zone — afraid to take the plunge. This following of dreams isn’t about selfish ambition. Oh, no! Quite the contrary.

This following of dreams is about living out the plans that God has already laid out for us. It is about moving forward, taking action steps — even if courageously afraid — bringing God glory by living out the dream He has for us.

I believe following a Big “God” Dream is so much more than just being successful or having the goods. It is achieving something remarkable for an eternal Kingdom purpose — to help other people — to point the way to the cross.

 I asked you, “What is your dream?”

I went first and answered, “My dream is for God to use my writing to provide for my family and I to go the nations on regular short-term mission’s trips to provide food for the hungry, shelter for the bare, water for the thirsty and Jesus for the lost.”

And somehow, that proclamation got God’s attention. This post set in motion a series of events I believe were God ordained, that are directly linked to my dream, my message, and my destiny.

And your comments, they inspired me, too. You, who courageously shared your stories and dreams in the comments of this post, have never left my heart.

Today marks the beginning of a New Year for all of us, and for this place, a new series, 31 Days to Dream Again. I have a message burning in my heart to share with you and I hope I do it justice.

God has a big dream for us — a plan —
and has prepared works for us to do,
and we should walk in them.
Ephesians 2:10

Walking in our dreams, I believe, begins with knowing who God is, and then learning who we are.

I will share with you my story. It is the story of my journey, and a journey I am still on. Though the story will be told in 31 days, it has taken my lifetime to be written. And, even so, my story is woven into a story much bigger than all of us — one that began before time. And it is still being written. You and I, we are all part of that grander story, together.

So this series, it’s for me too. Our life’s Author is God. I want to live my part — just as God has written it for me, and live delighting God with the parts He’s given me blank space to write. I bet you do, too.

Although, I am no dream expert or life expert or Bible scholar — I am a student. I’m willing to study and desire to learn. What I have written, I hope will inspire you and give you hope to dream again.


Dream Again Series

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