I thought, how we see God, was an important part of the message to share. Seeing God and His true intention toward us, leads us into knowing Him, and in knowing Him we can know He sees us and who we were created to be.  All this image, His image and ours the enemy seeks to distort. So, after today and over the next few days I hope to remind you of who you really are. 

The story is in the second and third chapter of the genesis of time.

God warned Adam and Eve, “In the day you will eat from it you will surely die.”

For God has given us a most holy, powerful, dangerous and glorious privilege — a free will. The power to choose. For by one “yes” and one “no”, the destinies of all mankind were changed for eternity.

The serpent, more cunning than any other animal told Eve, “You won’t die! God knows that your eyes will be opened as soon as you eat it, and you will be like God, knowing both good and evil.”

One “yes” to temptation. One “no” to obedience. How man saw God and life, changed forever.

It’s forbidden fruit of the tree in that beautiful Garden of Eden they are both speaking of.

And it was the seeing and the knowing that the serpent promised Eve. And as the father of lies, it was the greatest deception, for it was sight they would loose, and it’s sight that we need.  Eyes that see God. We now need inner eyes to see, to walk by faith into the promise God has for us.

For now we are looking in a mirror that gives only a dim (blurred) reflection [of reality as in a riddle or enigma], but then [when perfection comes] we shall see in reality and face to face! Now I know in part, imperfectly, but then I shall know and understand fully and clearly, even in the same manner as I have been fully and clearly known and understood by God. (1 Corinthians 13:12 AMP)

In the very beginning the serpent approached Eve and his simple ploy was to distort the intention of God toward her — convincing her what God commanded, He commanded in order to keep her from something good. And he will do the same for us, too.

For many of us, the enemy knows that turning our backs on God and walking away from Him will not happen. For us, the enemy will whisper lies in our ear to try and deceive us about the character of God. Believing his lies can affect how we see God and the choices we make. This is a subtle perversion, and if Eve, who walked in the cool of the day with God can be deceived, then we must guard against it, too.

I remember sitting a church pew, about a year before I started blogging. I remember the preacher said one line that cut to the quick of my soul. “Oh, how God loves you, and you are still saying to God, ‘prove it to me.'”

In that moment, I was still bleeding. Husband and I were committed, and gave all we knew to give to a work of God’s Kingdom. Then suddenly, it felt as if the rug had been swept out from under us. There we were dazed, discouraged, and disheartened, picking up all the broken pieces of a dream lost, cutting in deep.

And I had allowed it to come between God and I. “Prove it to me, God. Prove that you love me.”

I believed the preacher that day, “He already has proved it. He is a God who has a passionate, raging, consuming love for you.” And  walls tumbled down in my heart. The ones I didn’t even know were there, keeping God out. The truth will set you free like that.

Our sight became clearer and we learned later what we thought was harm, was God’s preservation and protection of my family.

When we have dissappointment, we may struggle with viewing God through it, believing if he really loved us he would not have kept us from our heart’s desire. When we have pain and hurts sometimes we view God through them, because He allowed it in our life. And we may see the intention of God towards us as marred. The enemy seeks to create a source of contention between you and God, so that you won’t believe God’s will toward you is good.

Time to Write: Can we be a honest again? What could you fill in the blank with?

If God loved me He would have not let ____ happen.

Or, if God loved me He would have let ____ happen.

Let this be a confession to shine light and perhaps expose the lie the enemy has wanted you to believe as truth in order to forfeit your destiny, too.

Then speak this truth, and pray for eyes to see.

Say It Loud: For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome. (Jeremiah  29:11) We are assured and know that [God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose. (Romans 8:28 AMP) If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! (Matthew 7:11) Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desire of your heart. (Ps 37:4)


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