The One who calls you is Faithful…

I’ve been doing some hard, real-life living lately. I’ve not been writing. I’ve not been blogging. I share a little why, here. My one week blog break has turned into a month-long-one and is slowly becoming two. I contribute at two other blogs once a month, Allume and Hope for the Weary Mom. I’ve kept those commitments.

When God calls us, our part is to answer.

"The One who calls you is faithful, and He will also do it." 1Thes. 5:24

“Writing won’t make you a good character in your own story. Living will.” — Darrell Vesterfelt

All of life is a story, and as we live, our stories are are still being written. The greatest of Authors is God. We pray for God to have His way in our life. When He does, all our glorious plans can be taken through a sifter, and feel as if our life is being shaken, no parts left unsettled. His plan is so much different than our own, isn’t it? When we offer God our lives, our desires, our dreams, our blogs, He takes us at our word. Then, He requires us to act on it. He requires our obedient surrender. And what does that mean, really? Continue reading at Allume…


Also, if you have been following along with the To Walk or Stay book online book club, I apologize I’ve not kept up with the postings. You can find all the links to the chapter discussions, here. And today Stacey Thacker is hosting the discussion for the last chapter, here.

Thank you for grace and for sticking around. I will be back, friends. New. Soon.