I have a heart for missions.

The dictionary says a mission is an important assignment, a strongly felt calling; especially a Christian one, to go out into the world and spread its faith. For me, it’s not just strongly felt, it’s part of my DNA, and I venture to say, that of every Jesus follower.

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." Matt 28:19 via alifesurrendered.com #thegreatcommission #theGospel

When God baptized me with His love, it wasn’t just His love for me, but also for the world. When we know His heart and what grieves it, then something gets deposited down deep in our spirits. Something that keeps us unsettled and stirred. It’s the burden of the Lord.

And when God gives us His burden, it’s not the kind that we carry on our shoulders that make us weary. It’s the kind we carry within, and with Him. The kind that break our hearts for what breaks His. The kind that awakens our souls for the world He loves. The kind that compels us to action. The kind that brings us to the feet of Jesus to plead, “Use me. My life is an offering.” The kind that leads us on a journey of being brokenhearted for a broken world and allowing it to shape our lives.

I’ve allowed it to shape mine.

God arrested my heart for my family, my children, my first call — motherhood. And I embrace it, home, as my most important mission field. Yet, I still have a call. To the nations? For a long time, I thought I misunderstood. Maybe I didn’t hear right. I questioned God, “Why? Why would you break my heart so deeply for the nations, and I hardly ever leave my house?” I pleaded with God to take the burden for missions from me. He never did, and I doubted. I would cry out, How do I reach the world as a mama who spends most of her time home?”  

My answer came in a most unlikely way — blogging.

Last summer, I wrote a post on my blog, and I titled it “God’s been waiting for my yes.” I ended with this prayer, “Will this “YES” take me to the nations, Lord, to provide food for the hungry, shelter for the bare, water for the thirsty and You for the lost? Because that’s what I want. Then here is my yes, Lord, I am a writer.”

A few weeks later, I was contacted by a humanitarian organization called World help. They offered me an opportunity to go on a trip as a blogger to Guatemala for an initiative called Operation Baby Rescue. I said, yes. And World Help is a tremendous part of the reason I’m still blogging. True. Story.

I’ve wanted to quit blogging before, but this last time, I really did — stronger than ever. But each time I’ve come to that place, I think about the opportunity to go to Guatemala, and how it came after I dared to say, “let my writing take me to the nations.” I can’t blog to make myself known. Pursing my own interests for the sake-of-self leaves me empty, wanting, and weary. Not just in blogging, but in every part of life. I want how I spend my time to matter. I live a life surrendered for a purpose greater than my own. This blog is for a purpose greater than my own.

Let every knee bow down, every tongue confess that you are Lord.

I’m planted as a stay-at-home mama and wife of a business owner, who lives in the United States. I know that is not going to change soon. But, it’s undeniable that blogging is part of God’s plan, and an unlikely route to fulfill the desires of my heart and my call for missions. Yet, I haven’t written and told the stories of my trips like I have wanted to. For no reason except, I was just. plain. scared. Why? Because every single time I would write a story about missions there was an exodus of email subscribers, and seeing them leave would knock me flat, and keep my silent.

Not anymore.

I made a promise to God and myself, I’m not going to look at the subscriber list. Not for a long time. Maybe a year? Maybe never. I’m just going to write. Write my passions. Tell. Share. Because it’s like a fire burning inside me, and it’s not meant to be contained. There are places I want to show, and people I want to tell about. People who need saving and people doing the saving from poverty, starvation, sickness, lack of clean water, slavery, and all other kinds of injustices. I have stories to tell, stories from all over the world. There are many people who don’t want to hear them, but then, there are countless others that do, because it’s in them to want to make a difference, too.

And I blog for World Help. I am a World Help blogger. World Help is doing an incredible work around the world, and they have have proven to be more than a humanitarian organization to me. They are more like a family, and I am growing to love the people who are involved. They are quickly becoming a very real important part of my life. If you stick around, you’ll see why.

I dream with them. I dream of saving more lives with them. And I dream of saving lives with you, too. True.Story.