Live Your Passion

What happens when you don’t live your passion?

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Somewhere along the way, I stopped living mine. Somewhere along the way I lost myself. Somewhere along the way I gave my blog away. There’s no pretty way to say it — I crashed and burned. In my effort to do what I thought I was supposed to do as a blogger, I sacrificed too many of the wrong things. I have no excuse. I let it steal from every part of my life, and I didn’t even see it.

I took my regular week-long-blog-break, it turned into two months, and nearly became indefinite. I almost quit it all. Seriously. I blurted the words out to my husband, “I quit. I’m done! I’m shutting it all down.”

“No you’re not quitting,” he replied.

“I quit in my heart,” and I did. I didn’t plan on going back, not the same.

There was a chasm between my online life and my home life and that shouldn’t be.

There was a rift between my passions and what I actually produced. I lost control of my yes and my no. My passions got smothered and nearly snuffed out in the process. We need passion, friends. We need to live our God-given passions. They motivate us, and living them fuels us. Live your passions, the ones God lit aflame in your hearts.

What blogging became for me was not what I ever intended, in some good ways and some, not so much. Somewhere along the way, I gave my blog away to “they” and “them.”  I decided posting what I thought “they” wanted was better. I began living my online life trying to please “them.” People-pleasing never ends well.

Who are “they and them,” anyway? The famous yet vaguely elusive and mostly invisible yet strangely powerful false reality and counterfeit ideal we so often give up our lives to. Or maybe just I do.

And by living for “they or them,” we lose ourselves. It’s easy to do. It happens ever-so-subtly.

Good opportunities come our way, we want to please, and the “yes” comes easy. We take on more and more, and then before we know it, we are faced with deadlines and commitments we can’t keep. We try to, yet not without sacrificing. Sacrificing things we were never meant to; our walk with God, our health, our children, our spouses, our home, our true-selves.

Because those “good” opportunities, you see, they weren’t ours to give our “yeses” to. And when we give them away, foolishly, without weighing the cost, we pay dearly. When we say yes to something, we say no to something else. And sometimes it’s God’s best we end up saying no to.

All the while we end up following a path that wasn’t meant for us. But the weight of commitments and deadlines leave us reaching forward, spinning a million plates, trying to keep it all going. That is, until, we crash and burn. It’s only a matter of time.

Confusion and depression set in long before the burn-out. When we’re over-committed and not choosing to live our passions, fatigue and exhausted quench our zeal for life. And there’s nothing left to give. Then, we don’t want to do anything. And unaware, we wonder why. “Why have I run dry?”

I crept a slow crawl in my new desert, feeling desperately alone, and God met me there.

He showed me the error of my ways. Not to condemn, but to help me up, revive me, breath new life into me again to aid me in re-discovering who I am and why I am. And He will do the same for you, no matter what desert you are in. But, there’s a time for healing that is necessary. Take it. You will be better for it. Your family, your ministry, your influence will be better for it.

We have limited resources. And I’m not talking about just money, but energy and time. We must spend wisely, choosing not just the “good” things, but the “best” things for us, our purpose, our mission. And we must know what that is. If you are not sure, start seeking. God knows. He designed you, and He wants you to know.

To live your passion means to be true to yourself, and I wasn’t.

For me, it’s time, and I am taking my blog back. I want to write and share about what I’m living, learning, practicing and passionate about. And I cared TOO much about what everyone else thought to do it before. Only I get to steward this, and answer for it, not “they and them.” And the same goes for everything God has entrusted me with.

Being wrapped up in “they and them,” I lost sight of God, my family, myself, but also of “you.” Each individual, uniquely gifted, “you” that come visit, read my words, and maybe stay for a while. In the blogging world you might be called a number, reader, follower, reach. But I call you, friend and sojourner.

With all the changes coming, I hope you decide to stay, of course. If you do, I’d like to connect with you more, hear from you, learn your stories. If not, I completely understand. Your time is valuable, as is mine. You go where you know you will see good fruit in your life as a result.

This week, I am going to tell you what you can expect from me, and what you will find when you visit this place. Things are changing. First content, then aesthetics and possibly the name. But all in time — the right time, friends.

I’m back.

  • Nancy Smith

    To answer your first question I would say “You shrivel up and implode inward and every aspect of your life is affected. I’m so glad you are back to writing to us. I look forward to what God will place on your heart for us to read!

    • Michele-Lyn


      You are probably right. Implode is a good word to describe it. 🙂 Thank you, friend, for your encouragement.

  • Mary Bonner

    I am so glad you are back sweet Michele-Lyn. And every. single. word. in this post is more than true. I love you for your honesty and your candor. Hugs and blessings! I can’t wait to see what changes you are making…all in the right time! 🙂

    • Michele-Lyn

      Mary, friend, I can’t wait to hug your neck again! Thank you for your genuine encouragement and generous grace. <3

  • Rebecca

    Thank you for sharing so honestly! I’ve been going through some similar things, and I found this very encouraging!

    • Michele-Lyn


      You are welcome! Thank you for saying so. 🙂 Truly.

  • MsLorretty

    Thankyou for coming back more fully His. I’d hate to think God was through with this medium and I’ll be honest… I was mortified by what I was seeing (and am seeing less of, thankfully) when I first dared to step out into the blogosphere. I was secretly hoping that wasn’t “It”…. and even stuck my toe in the waters early on only to discover it was really quick sand leading straight to the hell of pride and self-serving satisfaction. I couldn’t sell out. Thankful you aren’t either. Welcome back.

    • Michele-Lyn

      Ms. Lorretty,

      I know what you mean and I don’t ever, ever want to idolize my blog or writing or my voice or anything else for that matter! It’s easy to fall into pride. Ever so easy. I stay close to the feet of Jesus. I invite accountability into my life. And I accept the grace God has given to live a life that pleases Him. Still, it’s a daily choice. Thank you for your strong stand for holiness! It’s convicting.

  • Sarah

    Oh sweet friend! First, I have to say that I’m glad you’re back. But I’m also glad you took the time you needed to realign. It is so incredibly easy in this blogging world to fall into the trap of people pleasing. It’s part of who we are (at least most of us, I think). We write to share our stories. And part of sharing them includes the hope that others will read our words and be blessed by them. But unless we intentionally put God at the forefront, we are sure to fall at some point or another. I know what you mean about giving in to “they and them”. The temptation is great. And only the Lord can bring us back when we give in. I’m glad that you let Him bring you back.
    My blogging journey has been one of ups and downs. At first it was all for me. Then it became all about “them”. Spending way too much time getting the perfect photo and writing the perfect words, so people would share my posts and I’d “make it big” in the blogging world. After I got married last year, I took a few months off from blogging, and it took lots of prayer and time to convince my husband that I wasn’t going to be doing the same thing I once did. Three blogs later (crazy right?) I have finally come to the point where I am writing to glorify God. It’s not about me anymore. I just want to share the words He wants me to share. But it takes intentional prayer for me to do that. Falling into the temptation to glorify my own name is still very much there. And it’s something I must constantly be on guard against. All that to say… I know where you’re coming from.
    Anyway, I’m glad you’re back here. And I’m looking forward to what new things you have to share with us! 🙂

    • Michele-Lyn


      Thank you for sharing your heart and your story with me. You have been a constant encouragement and I am so very grateful to you for that. And 3 blogs later? Really? What was that all about, friend? Well, it seems like you are on the right path, with the right heart and you are an example of Christlikeness in your humility.

      Keep writing and sharing your stories! 🙂

  • Kristin Gordley

    I really appreciate this. You put words to some of my own struggles lately with the “online” world. Thank you and God bless you as you write for Him.

    • Michele-Lyn


      Thank YOU! I hope sharing my struggles and also the grace and truth I’ve gained, will somehow help another in their journey, and even shed some light on a dark place. We all journey together — we are on body in Christ, sweet sister. 🙂

  • Mandy

    Welcome back, Michele-Lyn. I’m glad you’re here!

    • Michele-Lyn


      What a ray of sunshine you are. I’m quiet. So very quiet, but oberservant. I’ve seen how you’ve put your heart out there, real, raw and true. You will bring healing to countless others for your courage and boldness to share. Keep writing!

  • KimTeamer

    Yes and amen! Your words touched something within me, to the point that I was very much close to tears. Thank you for such raw honesty and real truth. God bless you always.

    • Michele-Lyn


      There is no better comment to encourage a writer “your words touched something within me.” Thank you for saying so! I want people to know that they matter, and I want to write to encourage others to be all they can be for God! Bless you, friend.

  • sheila @

    Oh, sweet sister. What a beautiful and vulnerable post and how gracious of God to tenderly show you what is better than good. May you always write and live for the One, and in that way truly be even more of a blessing to all who read your words.

    • Michele-Lyn


      Amen and amen! I take your words and read them as a prayer! Thank you 🙂

  • Barbie

    Can I just say I love you, and that I understand, for I find myself in a similar place. I am so thankful that you are going to keep writing my friend. Your heart oozes Jesus. I love how you allow His strength to overcome your weakness. Oh the plans He has for you! Love and hugs!

    • Michele-Lyn


      You know how you bless me! I’ll just tell you again. You are a gift and you matter to me. And many times it was your encouragement that helped me keep on pressing through. I love you and can’t wait to see where God takes you and your beautiful servant’s heart! 🙂

      • Barbie

        Can we please meet some day? I will book a flight. We should plan it!! 🙂 🙂

  • Becky Daye

    I feel like I am walking a similar path. Thanks for writing it so beautifully.
    And your husband is wise- you should keep writing! 🙂

    • Michele-Lyn


      Thank you so very much! And where do you think you are in your journey?

      • Becky Daye

        I am at the place where I want to write what God lays on my heart- for His glory only. Over the past year, I had started to get caught up in writing what I thought would help my blog to grow. And then I got pregnant and had a baby and the time that I had to pour into my blog was not the same. I can look at it now and see that it was God lovingly guiding me to get back to the reason for why I write. My husband has been a sweet encouragement through all of this as well and I am so thankful for that blessing.

        • Michele-Lyn


          I understand this…”Over the past year, I had started to get caught up in writing what I thought would help my blog to grow.” It’s a matter of the heart and whether our words and actions agree, isn’t it. It’s my greatest desire to live authentic and true, and though I fail sometimes, I try and be intentional about it. And part of living true, is loving God and following His ways first and foremost. Not always easy, but it’s my goal. 🙂 And I bet it’s yours too!

  • Anna White

    Glad you are back lovely one! I am glad there are fresh springs running through

    • Michele-Lyn


      Thank you for the warm welcome! And I like that, “fresh springs running through.” 🙂

  • janetb1

    Beautifully honest. Thank you for sharing.
    I too have felt “expected of” and when that happens I want to RUN.
    I am looking forward to this new look and feel of your blog.
    Have a beautiful day!

    • Michele-Lyn


      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. Your words encourage me! You, too, have a wonderful day. 🙂