My thoughts on why I think you should read the book, Activist Faith.

“It was for freedom that Christ set us free.” Galatians 5:1 For our freedom? Yes. And once we are free, is it just our freedom, still?

I believe Christ set us free so we can use our life to set another free. But how? Or what? And those questions can make our feet like lead. Not knowing the answers can leave us holding the Gospel, and all that Christ died to give us, all to ourselves. I know, because not knowing how or what to do, and being afraid of trying has paralyzed me more than most anything. And the sheer expanse and great scope of the needs of the world in comparison to the small offering we hold in our hands, can make us feel impotent and our efforts seem ineffectual.

And too often, that’s been my excuse to do nothing.

“We cannot do everything, but we can all do something…

The love of Christ compels us to act.” — Dillon Burroughs, Activist Faith

The book, Activist Faith: From Him and For Him, is co-authored by Dillon Burroughs, Daniel Darling, and Dan King. I loved it. I especially appreciate hearing from 3 different points of view. I think you should read it. Actually, I think every one who calls them self a follower of Christ should. And every one who cares about making any difference in the world around them, should read it, too. Though the immensity of the needs of the world are hard for any one person to fathom, Activist Faith gives you a great start.

On a practical level, I love the way the book is organized. It is divided into 12 chapters on 12 major social issues and injustices; human trafficking, immigration, poverty, environmentalism, disaster response, homelessness, abortion, war/terror/genocide, religious persecution, family instability, prison reform, and orphans. Each including a section called: How You Can Help, Think it Through, Helpful Tools and Resources for Research, and For Action.

Each chapter is filled with important facts and information on the 12 issues, as well as personal and engaging story-telling from the authors. This book informs, inspires, and equips. That is what ministry to the Body of Christ is for — to equip us so we can minister in the world.

What I love most is how the authors spoke to the everyday ordinary person. I am a stay-at-home mom, and dreams of changing the world sometimes get lost with changing the TP roll for the millionth time. But this book provides practical guidance in how I, personally, can engage in any one or more of the issues that I feel most strongly about, and truly begin to make a different by doing my part. I’m still just an ordinary mama seeking what place and part I have in the big picture plan God has for the world He loves, and want to help my children discover the same.

“Being an everyday activist simply means that you are taking advantage of the opportunities right in front of you and embracing what God is calling you to do — and doing it with the full devotion you’d give if you were serving Jesus Himself…The opportunity to show the love, grace, and compassion that’s been given freely to me is an act of worship that seems equal to little else.” — Dan King, Activist Faith

This is one of those books that will become resource, one that I visit and refer to often, one that I want to read aloud to my children and educate them about the injustices around the world, hope for their hearts to be stirred, and encourage them to answer the call to rise up, take their place, do their part, living a life of service to their Creator, and live to change the world for someone else.

“As you read, ask God to speak to you and give you a clear directions of how you can act on His behalf, sharing His love and mercy with the many hurting people around you.” — Activist Faith

We each have a part in fulfilling Christ’s mandate in the earth — to reach the world for Him. Let’s do it!

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How is God using you right where you are? What do you feel Him leading you to do, friend?

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