In this new year, though it won’t be easy, I purpose for everything I do, say, think, write, and conclude, to be filtered through this…

Believing what God says about me is true.

Believe what God says about you is true.

Still I pray, in all honesty, and only honestly pray to God.

What is the weight that still holds me down?

You patiently wait for me.
But You are speaking strong.
Your Words telling me, “You’re stronger than you think.”

To believe what You say is true about me…

Could it be me You are calling from the dark place?
Why is it so hard to believe I am a Daughter of a King?
And not just a King, but the King of Kings?

His reply…

Will you rise and take your place?
Will you break through the invisible wall of fear?
Will you be who I’ve said you are?
Will you claim who I’ve said you are?
What are you waiting for?

Rise and walk into the destiny I already have planned for you. Rise and walk into the life I purchased for you.

But you must know, with certainty who you are, for when the enemy meets you on the way, you must stand. How you stand — for whom you stand, you must know because what can be shaken will be. But I’ve already told you, you will have success.

Don’t be like the 10 spies who did not believe and said they were grasshoppers and the giants were too big. They didn’t see from where I stood. Stand from where I stand. See from where I see. The earth is my footstool.

Do you think those dreams you have are too big? Too big for Me? I have giving those dreams to you. Take them as your own. They are yours. Put action to your heart, put action to your words. When You ask according to My name, it’s yours. I’ve already told you My will. Ask and it’s yours.


The devil knows if he can keep you from believing this is truth —
he can keep you from fulfilling God’s purpose for you.

The truth is…

He has chosen us.
He said, greater works will we do.
He’s given us grace, His indwelling Spirit, His empowerment.
The One who calls us is faithful, and He will do it.

And it all comes down to this…

Knowing it, and believing it’s true.