I only posted one or two Instagram photos each day, while I was in Africa. Mostly, because of a lack of phone service, not a lack of images.

I’m sharing these photo images with you here, because not all of you are on Instagram, and each image and its caption are deeply important to me.

Instagram Africa5

Day 1: We visited a hospital for babies and children. This is our group praying for a baby that would be brought to Destiny Villages of Hope that day. I wrote about him on the blog. This is the boy that was abandoned by his grandma at 7 years old, weighing 7 pounds. This would be his last day at the hospital, and his first day at Destiny Villages of Hope. He has new hope and a new life, because of RESCUE.

Instagram Africa1

Day 1: We visited the Katwe slums. It’s the 2nd largest in Africa. You wouldn’t know it by these smiles or their affection, that these children live here. I’m still trying to understand how they can live in such improvised conditions.

Instagram Africa2

Day 1: We visited Destiny Villages of Hope, the location where the baby rescue homes are located. I feel we’ve been chosen for a time like this… It’s an honor to be part of this blogging team in Uganda. We came to help raise funds to finish the rescue homes, to make room for 40 more babies, here! And I’ve never met more loving children!


Day 2: This was my favorite day. We took a plane to Gulu. She says she has, “a new hope and a new life…”  (see a short video testimony) At World Help’s vocational institute, hearing her story of redemption and outpouring of gratitude, as well as many others overwhelmed us all today. Many were child soldiers under Joseph Kony, and their lives have been transformed forever because of God’s redeeming love, and His people that answered YES to His call to rescue!

Instagram Africa3Day 3: Praising God in Uganda this morning! Believing in faith He will help us raise the funds to raise the walls in the homes that will raise lives from death to life in the hope of the Gospel of Christ. These men and women were former Children of the World Choir members, who travel around the U.S. for almost a year with World Help, and receive scholarships to attend to school. These were children who grew up in poverty, many orphaned, and now will be doctors and teachers and lawyers. They are breaking the cycle of poverty in their generation!

Instagram Africa4

Day 3: These African children were the most loving, affectionate children I’ve ever embraced. This little girl was rescued, she’s no longer an orphan, and now has a hope for a better future. There will always be more babies like her to rescue. They just need more room for them. Those unfinished structures behind me, plus 1 more will be room enough for 40 more!

Instagram Africa6

Day 4: This picture I took on the bus, just after we landed in Kilgali, Rwanda, the Land of a Thousand Hills. I immediately felt there was a different spirit here. One that was much heavier than Uganda. And I felt there was an underlying tension, a rumbling beneath the surface. I looked in the people’s eyes as we were driving passed them, and I saw pain. We went to the Kilgali Genocide Memorial Museum, and I understood.

Instagram Africa7

Day 4: I left the Kilgali Genocide Museum in Rwanda desperately clinging to hope, trusting that God is still good amidst such evil. After a few minutes on the bus I turned my phone on to see a text from my husband with this picture. Within the same moment Noel Yeatts, Vice President of World Help confirmed … PHASE 1 of our rescue homes project had been funded!!! I have only tears and praise to God! Now on to Phase 2! GOD IS FAITHFUL AND GOOD!!!

Instagram Africa8

Day 5:  I absolutely loved, loved visiting the vocational institute in Rwanda where the messenger bag I purchased, through Gifts of Hope before Christmas, was made. Seriously, this impacted me so deeply because these young people now have a chance to break the cycle of poverty and make a living with the skills they acquire. The hands raised were in answer to the question, “How many have lost one or both parents?” I was passionate about advocating for World Help before. Now, I even more so, I could make it my life work, after all I’ve seen, and all the people I’ve met that have had their lives changed.

We start flying back home from Rwanda today, and I know I’ve only told you a short breath of what I’ve seen, heard, and experienced this week. God is training me for the mission He has for me. That’s what this feels like. The work God is doing, not only in my heart, but also in my thinking, is a continual work. And, as I pray and seek and write, over time I will process it. The needs are great, the complexities of the needs, even more so. We all have so much to learn.

I am convinced about this — World Help is devoted to redemptive and restorative missions around the world, committed to partnering with others for sustainable transformation in people’s lives, and Christ is at the center of all they do. I am wholeheartedly, committed to, honored to, and passionate about advocating for them.