Awake Oh, Sleeper

What God spoke to my troubled heart after I asked Him to share His heart with me. Tell me what you think, Lord, about the beheadings, the persecution, the suffering, “50 Shades of Grey” and pervasive sin?

I wept in my car as I vehemently penciled these words in my journal. I have more to fear by not sharing them, than if I do.


You know and feel the anguish because you have seen them–along with the rest of the world–and now there’s an outcry.

But I’ve seen all along. I’ve seen every one, every tear, every fear, every drop of blood spilled for My Name across the ages.

You know their names, because the list has been broadcasted.

But I know each one intricately, deeply, intimately–every one of the nameless who have suffered. And not just the ones who have suffered because of Me, but all who have suffered at the hands of evil — at the hands of those possessed by darkness, of those possessed by the ones who you cannot see, the ones whose assignment is to rid the world of My Light.

Where have you been? I looked for ones who would stand in the gap. While I searched, you slept. While you slept, I wept as they cried.

My people, why have you slept so soundly, and remained deaf to the cries?

You cry out now over the sexual pervasiveness that has crossed your screens and filled your books, because you fear what your boys and girls and what men and women would become from reading or seeing.

But what you don’t realize is it has been creeping in all along, only now you cry. While the influence quietly crept in, you turned a blind eye and remained quiet. And only now as it has become blatantly and boldly loud, you have become blatantly and boldly loud.

awake o

You remained sluggish, sleeping silently as the thief subtly crept in and stole your purity, as evil silently crept in and defiled you under your nose, while your eyes were closed.

In your comfort.
In your correctness.
In your compromise.

In your desire to be relevant and tolerant, you allowed it.

My people are still falling prey to the same deception. And having your senses dulled, you allowed the subtle influence because you remained unguarded and unthinking. You allow society and culture and fear to tell you how to think, what to think, how to speak, when to speak, and what to say.

Instead of coming to Me and hearing what I have to say. Instead of coming to My Word and being empowered with boldness by My Spirit, filled with faith, grace, and love.

Instead you remain wise in your own eyes. But if you would just come to Me, I would let you see with My eyes. If you would awaken, and stay awake.

What will it take for you to stay awake, be ready, always vigilant, even when I tarry? What would it take to awaken you?

Beheadings that you see?


Where were the cries?
Where were the cries?
Where were the cries, all of this time?

Where, when countless among you, but numbered by Me, have suffered?

Where, when the nameless among you, but named by Me, have cried?

Where were you when they needed comfort?
Where were you when they needed shelter?
Where were you when they needed food?
Where were you when they needed water?
Where were you when they needed fathering and mothering?
Where were you when they needed protecting?

Where are you now that they need your cries?

This isn’t new.
It hasn’t just begun.
It hasn’t just started to get worse.
You have just begun to awaken.
You have just started becoming aware.

All along the signs were there. All the along the suffering have been there.

All along My power, My love, My Word, My Spirit has been there, while you have been My sleeping giant, unaware of the power in you, unaware of the grace bestowed, unaware of the authority given to you. Your weapons laid at your sides and the victory already yours, while your households were plundered.

You rather wield your words and raise your voices in your debates, than raise your shield of faith, and wield My Word against the fiery arrows of evil.

You rather raise your voices against one another, than raise your cries to Me in one accord.

You rather draw dividing lines among yourselves, than draw battle lines against the enemy of your souls.

All the while the enemy has crept in and gained ground that I called you to take.

Awake o’sleeper! Know what the will of the Lord is! Stay awake!

Depart from your comfortable ways, and run after Me.

Run after Me.
Turn one way.
Toward One.
For one purpose.
In one heart.

So, they may know. How else is the world to know I’ve sent My Son? How else, unless you are one?

Remove the idols from your homes. Remove the heart-dividing idols from your computers. Remove the mind-numbing idols from our phones. Remove the idols.

Clean your hands. Purify your hearts. Seek My face, so the King of Glory may come in.

Who is this King of Glory?

The Lord strong and mighty–mighty in battle. The Lord of heaven’s hosts.

Who is this King of Glory?

I am the King of Glory. I am your King. Let Me in.

My ear is already turned to you–waiting. I will hear from heaven. I will forgive sin. I will heal your land.



  • On Hayden Lane

    exhale. such truth here.


  • Jodie

    Spot on! Spot on! We, ME…wake up!

  • Amy K

    Re 50 shades bit, there’s a very good Christian fiction response to it that mirrors the plot of the original but glorifies God’s love.

  • traci beeson

    love these words, michele-lyn!!! hard words, but good, needed words. thank you for being brave and bold for our Savior!

  • Kela

    Oh, my Lord!
    Yes, Lord.

  • Amanda

    Oh. Definitely what my soul needed this morning. To be wrecked to answer the call. Thank you for your obedience. Something I struggle with still. Thank you for being a light.

  • Kris Camealy

    Such hard words. Thank you for sharing this, for how you pursue the Lord. I hear echoes of this in my spirit. You’re such a gift.

  • Amy Bennett

    I agree, I recognize the Spirit’s voice in this. So convicting that He points the finger at us as His people and our part in this. I’ve been wondering what to do for Lent and I think I’ll be praying about this.

  • Deanna Wiseburn

    Wow. It has been on my heart lately that we all need to realize our authority in Christ. That we neglect to stand for the things that we should. But what powerful words that you have here.

  • Debra Bacon

    Excellent. Thank you for sharing God’s Word resulting from your intimate time with Him. I’ve been feeling a tug on my heart calling me to my knees for the Kingdom’s sake. Praying Kingdom minded, which will help prepare and equip us for these times we live in. Oh Lord Jesus, help me “Awake” my sleepy spirit to watch and pray. Blessings.

  • Darlene Collazo

    Convicting truth here, friend. Thank you for speaking with boldness and courage. These words are necessary!

  • Cameron Miller

    This is fantastic. It inspired me. I recognize the Spirit’s voice in this.

  • Janis Cox

    I wrote about deceivers too – on Sunday Stillness. This week as part of my regular post I will touch on the movie as well. It is wrong – blatant violence, degrading and crazy. I can’t understand anyone who would want to watch it. Would they let their children see it?
    Thanks for great post.

  • michelle lazurek

    This is fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing this. I admit I,too, had deceived myself into thinking if I just keep quiet, people will come to know the Lord. When I finally started speaking out about 50 shades, I was amazed at the amount of Christians who defended the film and book and blind to what abuse really is. The sadder part, I fully expected backlash and that’s exactly what I got, but from Christians, not from non-Christians. even sadder, when others jumped on me, I had no Christians come to my defense. If we just join together, we can make a change for the positive, I know it. It’s not too late. But we have to awaken to the power God has given all of us.

  • Meredith Bernard

    This is God-breathed truth, Michele-Lyn. And convicting for this soul that has let comfort, correctness and compromise keep me from being AWAKENED to His call to COME and ARISE. These words will echo in my heart and mind and move me to alertness and action, I pray. xoxo

  • Theresa @ Heavenly Glimpses

    I think you nailed this, Michele! How raw and honest and true this is.