A few things I ♥ …

I love my life in God and all its wonderful possibilities.

I stand in child-like awe and wonder at the beauty and genius of God’s creativity.

I ♥ …Creator God, Designer & Architect

I love it when a worship song becomes my cry & I know He’s listening.

God’s presence. “No one can touch my heart like You do, Lord.”

I love the Word of God…it is the lens through which I view my life.

I love being a wife and mama.

I love that Christ loves me through my husband. Before Jay, I did not know what it felt like to be adored.

I ♥ that my husband taught me  how to stand up for myself. They are just people!!!

I love to discover new things about my children and how God designed them.

My favorite family time is when we are all LAUGHING together…even if it’s over spilled milk.

I love the the way my mother loves me.

My two greatest indulgences…

Hot cocoa with my whipped cream (only the real stuff, no instant!!) and…

Movies, especially love stories with HAPPY endings…♥♥♥

My favorite art form is the photograph.

I love vintage…I am especially fond of vintage Pyrex.

I love the warmth of the sun on a cold, breezy day and I think snow is magical.

I ♥ Books…paper ones, especially if they look worn.

I love to be INSPIRED.


I love to make dessert and then eat it!!! I also love to eat desserts I didn’t have to make.

I value authenticity in people more than most anything.

I am a lover of TRUTH.

I ♥ that you are taking time to read my blog…





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  • Lana

    I love your words. Your list of “A Few Things I Love” is beautiful. It made me smile. And it made me cry. When you wrote of your husband being a way that Christ loves you, I cried. I was meant to read that! How could I not have realized this. My husband is so wonderful. Thank you. You’re a “gift” to all who read your words.

    • http://www.alifesurrendered.com Michele-Lyn


      Thank you so much, Lana. Your comments and your sharing your thoughts here with me, means so much more than you know. Knowing that something I wrote might have turned your heart towards our Lord or someone He has given you to love… is the answer to my prayers, here and why I share what I write.

      You blessed me today… Thank you. Also, I do not normally recommend posts on comments, but I thought you might like to read this…

      With love,


  • Nellie Nazario

    Dearest Michele even though I don’t know you that well I’ve always knew you were a special person. Your blog has totally touched me and I can relate to parts of it! I want to “Thank You” for your courage to share your story and I can’t wait to read more!

    • Michele


      I am humbled by your comments… Only God could have brought me to this place. I am believing for Him to have His way… Bless you and your family :) and thank you for taking the time to read and then comment. You encourage me!

      <3 Michele

  • maria

    As I look back on your life and all of the stages I have seen you in, I must say you have become an admirable butterfly. As I read your words, I see the beauty of your wings, so colorful with a unique and rare design. You so gracefully fly above the flowers and thorns of life. I do remember clearly when you were in the larva stage because we were there together! And how can I forget the pupa (transition) phase. It wasn’t pretty! Although I don’t remember much of what happened last week, I can clearly recall seeing you coming out of your shell. Because I wondered “where is my timid, passive, jean-only wearing, cocoa butter in her hair” friend? You amazed me at times when you stood up for what you believed in, even if adversity followed. You have paved the way for others, and challenged religious ideas made by man, even if you lost a few “friends” along the way. I love that about you. You found your identity in Christ. You placed your life in the hands of our creator and I am amazed at what he has done. Thank you for opening up your heart and allowing us to see inside. There is beauty there. I love you. Can’t wait to fly together again. Until then, I will just read your blog and enjoy the sight!
    I love you Michel (yes, without the E :)

    • Michele

      Maria, my genuine, loving, precious best friend… As I published my latest post, I notice there is a comment on my dashboard. I open it up and I am delighted that it is from you. I read the words and then re-read. Your words are my gift. They come from someone who has genuine love for me, who has truly seen me and all my weaknesses. Still, you have such beautiful, graceful and encouraging things to say. I am so blessed and so honored, but cannot go without saying, ONLY GOD! Who knows where we would have been? I thank God we never have to know. I thank God, He put us on this journey together, to find our way, even though geography and the circumstance of our life separate us, I know we follow Him, knitted together. I have learned so much from you and continue to learn from you. Thank you for loving me! Thank you for reading it my blog and taking time to write me. I know that your time is precious. I love you very much <3

  • Diann Bertalan

    I am so touched by your transparency and your firm grasp on what truly matters. I am so proud of you! Everything about the blog is excellent. You are a lit fuse….stay away from puddles 😉
    Love you!

  • Michele

    Thank you Brenda and Krista… I am humbled by your comments. Thank you for taking the time out to visit and read my blog. It means more to me than you know <3

  • Krista Speece (was Prokop)

    Michele, I can’t wait to read all of your blog and follow it as often as I can. Lisa Cook posted a note on FB to check it out. Knowing the (beautifal and amazing) you when we were so young, I am so excited to see where God has brought you. xooxoxox

  • Brenda Miranda

    Thank you for being so transparent…makes you so relatable. I know I have been personally touched by your openess. Reading this blog brings to my rememberance why I fell in love with Christ and desire more of a relationship with him. Thank You…God bless.

  • Maribel

    I Love you my friend for surrendering yourself for the commitment of this blog, knowing you a little I know it is difficult to not do the clothes and the laundry and the mail, but for God you were created for so much more as he has plans for you to touch lives with messes that only he had planned for you to do. Know that today your blog has brought me back to reality, Do I want to handle the mess or just sit with my Father, today you made it clear. Thank You!!

    • Michele

      Maribel, my friend Maribel! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I treasure your words. I feel your love. Thank you for always encouraging me. I miss you! If, in sharing my blog, you or anyone else is encouraged in your own pursuit of God in their life, then it has succeeded…

      Love you,