Books As Mentors…

Books have been my greatest mentors, counselors, teachers and guides. Honestly, I have no idea where I would be if it were not for the written word.  The most invaluable book of all, the Bible, contains the Words that have the power to transform the heart of a person.  It is the lens through which I view my world.  I filter everything I see, everything I feel, everything I think, everything I do, and everything I choose to believe, first through the Word of God, inscribed by men, but inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Although, nothing can be added or taken from the Bible, I believe that God still inspires people to write.  I know that He uses books on an endless list of topics: books about being a wife, being a parent, a Christian, how to pray, how to live for God, being thankful, having and keeping joy, homeschooling, leading, and so on, to help shape me into the woman of God He has called me to be.


The value of the wisdom and truth I have gleaned cannot be measured.  There is, however, no use in acquiring knowledge and not using it.  As a student of His, I purpose to put into practice the things I know the Holy Spirit has highlighted for me in each of the books I read, to make me a better disciple, wife, mama, and friend.  If I am to come along side my husband to help lead our children to be all they are created to be, to draw out their potential, and foster their growth for the glory of God, then I better be a reader and grow myself first.


It is my hope and prayer that you will be inspired to read some of the great books I bring to the ever-growing lists section, or perhaps even some of your own choice that you have been wanting to read. It is my prayer that you would gain the encouragement, truth, teaching and guidance from them that God intends.


  • Wendy @ E1A

    Before I became a Christian, I hated reading any kind of books and would just look at women’s magazines.

    After I trusted the Lord for salvation, He gave me new likes and dislikes… one of those likes (or should I say ‘loves’) was for His Word and Christian literature.

    There was not much Christian fellowship in the area I lived at the time of becoming a Christian and I strongly believe that the Lord used authors and Christian books as mentors in my life. I have always put the link together and praise God for the deep love of His Word and Christian literature which I inherited from Him.

    • Michele-Lyn


      I love your testimony that you shared here. Wow! This so is similar to my own, in regards to books. God has such a purpose in the spoken and written word. I know I do not understand its full power, but I am grateful for His Word that does not return void.

      Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you,


  • maria

    I just wanted to stop by and thank you for investing in me and my family! I have half of the books on this list by your generosity. love you, maria

    • Michele

      You are very welcome sweet friend… <3

  • Becky Cameron~Kenyon

    Wow what wonderful and inspiring words. Jay is an old high school buddy of mine. He is a beautiful person with the kindest heart. I can tell he has married a wife with the same traits and much love in your heart. What a blessing to read your word at a time when much of the worls has lost its focus on Christ. Much love to you and your family. Keep spreading God’s love ang great news of his grace. I look forward to following your blog.
    Becky Cameron

    • Michele

      Well, it is nice to meet you. Thank you for your encouraging and heartfelt comments. To know someone is blessed helps fuel my passion more than I can express.

      With love,