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The righteous may have many troubles, but God is still good.

“The righteous may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers them from them all.” Psalm 34:19 NIV When I heard his yellsRead more » » »

Sometimes it’s hard to say thanks + counting to 1000 Gifts…

Sometimes it’s hard to say thanks, even to God. Our morning brought an unexpected mourning. Though we’ve been nursing ourRead more » » »

Making the Most of the Moments

Do you remember last year at this time? There was a rustling in my soul. I read Ann’s words and they left me near breathless. “Read more » » »

Thanksgiving Journals {A Gift of Thanks}

We told them last year, just a few days before Christmas, “Christmas will be different next year. It won’t be presents as usualRead more » » »

Join me at Allume? {and Counting Gifts}

I held a seed in my hand as did each student in class. We discussed how God created it to lay dormant, to be nourished, even in darkness, toRead more » » »

JOY Dare: Even in the midst of suffering…

Joy dare. Sometimes, it really is. It’s been more than a month since I was there, and it feels like I don’t even know the personRead more » » »

We must keep walking, even not knowing…

I’m different know. I am not sure what to do with the new different. I think about you readers here on the blog. I am not sure whatRead more » » »

How do you clean dirt floors?

Last week I took time away.  It takes so much faith to step away from the blog, Twitter and Facebook. I am so tempted to make my voiceRead more » » »

To My Husband on his Birthday

A letter to my husband on his birthday. You call to check up on me and I grumble about all the time I’m wasting having to dust theRead more » » »

I am an Introvert

I found this on Facebook, but I have no one to credit. I am an introvert. Discovering this about myself and understanding what it means,Read more » » »

Labor of Motherhood Reveals the Mess in Me {and Counting Gifts}

Motherhood. My last two weeks have been laced with very challenging days. My pre-teen is also my determined child. The mix of the two areRead more » » »

Why We All Need Margin…

I remember from elementary school, the teachers saying, “Do not write in the margin. Leave space.” This ends my week of restRead more » » »

To be a Child… {and Counting Gifts}

I know what kind of mama I want to be. You know the one from the paper towel commercial? Like that. You can take a look at it here, later.Read more » » »

Hearing God’s Voice, Slippery Rocks, Spiders {and Counting Gifts}

We drive the winding roads down the mountain, arriving at the spot we fell in love with last summer. Rocks and rivers may be the norm forRead more » » »

How I am learning to live out my days… {and Counting Gifts}

I want to remember the smell of my baby’s breath and the soft contour of her toddler face, because I was there. I want to remember theRead more » » »

Quality Time {and Counting Gifts}

I am rocking in the new summer morning, bathed in fresh rain. I am breathing in the clean air. Son is on the other rocker, nose in his iPodRead more » » »

A Place to Find God {and Counting Gifts}

“See over there? That’s where I’ll be. I’m going to find God.” I let my girls know, as I tread out 250 feetRead more » » »

Pinterest Inspired Outdoor Birthday Party {& Counting Gifts}

We honored her this week — this birthday week of hers. Birthdays are different this year. They are different, because Christmas willRead more » » »