Making of a Home [UNVEILED] Real-Time: She made herself available. #31Days

I get a lot of things wrong in this making of a home, endeavor. But being “available” is what I want to get right. I want myRead more » » »

Why We All Need Margin…

I remember from elementary school, the teachers saying, “Do not write in the margin. Leave space.” This ends my week of restRead more » » »

Quality Time {and Counting Gifts}

I am rocking in the new summer morning, bathed in fresh rain. I am breathing in the clean air. Son is on the other rocker, nose in his iPodRead more » » »

When You Feel Overwhelmed…

There they are. The bills that need paying. The papers that need filing. The calendar that needs space. Occupying my writing stool —Read more » » »

In His Time…

There are words and a story still on my heart, wanting to be scratch out here today. Something I have carried in my heart all week. ThereRead more » » »

Life De-Cluttering…Still in Progress

I am so excited I could burst. Why? Because this is what happens when I read words in a book that I know God is using to speak directly toRead more » » »