CATEGORY: Managing Life

Why We All Need Margin…

I remember from elementary school, the teachers saying, “Do not write in the margin. Leave space.” This ends my week of rest from social networking and blogging. It’s the beginning of a new week. I am ready for it. The last eight days, from Sunday to Sunday, I decided to let go of something I could; […]


When You Feel Overwhelmed…

There they are. The bills that need paying. The papers that need filing. The calendar that needs space. Occupying my writing stool — clothes that need folding, in one tight place — life choking life. Is all this necessary? Open there — the words that remind me to breathe, “Only one thing is necessary.” Mary, […]


In His Time…

There are words and a story still on my heart, wanting to be scratch out here today. Something I have carried in my heart all week. There are empty pages on this site’s navigation menu I want to fill. There are a myriad of ideas swirling around in my mind, seeking a place to land […]