Motherhood Redeemed [Part 1]

I’m graduating my eldest daughter next month. She’s my first of four — homeschoooled. Possibly because of it, I’veRead more » » »

A Vessel of Honor… [Dream Again Day 3]

While God has a plan to write the story of His redemption in you so His love can pour through you, satan, has a scheme. From the moment youRead more » » »

A Letter to My Teenage Self…

A letter to my teenage self. What I would want her to know. I’ve thought about writing you long before I saw the invitation to. ButRead more » » »

Jesus is my Everything…

Yes, Jesus is my everything. When I was 16 and pregnant with an appointment for an abortion, I was hurt lost and wandering. Jesus reachedRead more » » »

Her Purity is His Priority {A Ring & Counting Gifts}

A few years ago, a trusted elder of a church shared with me a vision. He said he saw me as a girl, looking out a window, blurred with blackRead more » » »

A Forgetting and Remembering…

Somedays, I lament over my past where so many great moments, beautiful gifts, lay waisted, ignored and disposed in the dark caverns ofRead more » » »

My Story… Part 5

It would take a year. A year of wrestling within my soul. This was a year of being set-apart, and consecrated unto God. A year of denyingRead more » » »

My Story… Part 4

Here is Part 4 of My Story. Words chosen with care to convey the truth of the dealings of God in my heart and life. This sacred holyRead more » » »

My Story… Part 3

How does one describe an experience with the One True Living God?  I feel as if I am at a loss for words and justice cannot be done.  Read more » » »

My Story… Part 2

This is the second part to My Story.  It has come at a price.  My writing is bathed in prayer and in tears.  The process has beenRead more » » »

My Story…Part 1

I am maybe 5 years old. “Go sit on your father’s lap.”  My mother encouraged. The memory is faint, the moment is short, yet theRead more » » »