Finding Your Why

Finding Your Why

Your will needs something to hang to. For many of us, looking better is not enough. There’s little lasting fulfillment in outer appearance. We need a deeper purpose for eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.

It may be a temporal thing, “buffeting the body” but it affects eternity when we cannot fulfill our purpose because our body is weak though it can be prevented.

There are things that happen to our body that are beyond our control. That is not what this is about. This is about the things that are in our control. This is about giving our bodies the best fighting chance of survival in this harsh world.

It is about providing it with the right kind of nutrients it needs to reach its full potential so we can reach our full potential.

Your will needs something to hang on to.

Maybe it is the quality of life you want in your future—growing older, yet thriving. Being available, vibrant, fully energized for your children’s children. Maybe you have seen the generation before you suffer because of sickness. Though we may not be able to prevent everything we can give our body the best fighting chance.

You want energy and stamina.

You want even emotions.

What is it that not living healthy is keeping you from doing? OR stealing you from?

If you had more energy and clearer mind what could you do that you are not doing?

How to keep with healthy living.

Eliminate one thing introduce another. It is hard to do without something you enjoy but your body disagrees with. Find a replacement for it before you give it up.

Allow God to give you strength for what you cannot do.

Discover what works for your body and personality.

Allow yourself a cheat day.

Plan ahead.

Write goals.

Keep your why in front of you.

Be accountable.

Give space in your life for it.

Begin again.



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